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Injury help?


Injury help?

Hey guys, not able to post in the injury forum yet but I need some advice. I was on a light jelqing routine for a few months at the end of last year. My EQ shot through the roof. At the beginning of January, I started noticing difficulty with my erection. I was barely able to get it up, and when I was able to get a partial erection, it shot down quickly with no stimulation. 3 months later.. This issue is still happening and showing no signs of improvement. I’ve seen multiple urologists and told them about my injury. They all attest my erection difficulties to my depression issues which I’m being treated for. The medicine I’m on does not hinder sexual function, so this is not worsening the problem. Last week I had a doppler ultrasound performed on my unit. I only got 1/4 of the medicine injected into my dick, and the resulting erection was substantial according to my doctor. Results came back great, no sign of venous leak and the doc said everything seems to be functioning properly. He doesn’t think this could be a nerve related issue since I responded so well to the medicine and I’m able to get partial erections. As far as he’s concerned, it would be difficult to even get a partial if a nerve was damaged.

Guess I’m looking for advice on where to go from here. I try to touch my unit as little as possible. Once in a while, I wake up with about an 80% erection which quickly goes down upon me waking up. Not sure if that indicates anything. Any words appreciated, thanks.

I would fathom your depression is the crux of the issue. Even if the medication you are taking does not cause sexual difficulties you brain is still fighting depression and that is not good for male erections.

I’m really hoping that’s all it is.. I just think it’s odd that I’ve had no proper erection for over 3 months. I’ve dealt with a lot of stresses for a 22 year old guy, and I’ve never had a problem getting/maintaining an erection. My EQ was always through the roof and was always rock hard. At the onset of this issue, I was less stressed/depressed than I had been before, so something just seems off.

Have you ever heard of the straw that breaks the camels back? We all have our point where enough is enough. Be positive and you will be better. It will just take time.

I keep trying to tell myself that. I just feel like it’s been going on for too long though. My major depressive symptoms didn’t start until after I started having erection problems. It’s definitely affecting the issue, I just don’t know to what extent.

Get out and run or walk. Put on some good music and get your blood flowing. Eat and sleep well. The run/walk must be enough that you have to concentrate to keep it going. Trust me, it will correct quite a few things.

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Hey there fireball,

You are talking about an injury, but I don’t see any evidence of this. You don’t talk about over training, there’s no pain, doctors can’t find a problem… seems like your trying to talk yourself into an injury. You wake up with a 80% erection… then your brain engages… then poof goes the erection. Things just don’t add up towards an injury.

Your mind is a powerful thing, and if your head is not in the right place, then the rest of your body is going to suffer. You need to get your head back on track, think positive, get out of the hole you are in… then I’m sure things will improve.

Titleist has some good advice… take it! ;)

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If you are taking pills for depression you will have EQ issues. That’s ok if it is absolutely necessary to take them. I am not against it if you take them for a short time to get your things fixed.

There is nothing wrong with your dick. Period.

Don’t add another thing to worry about. You are all good in this matter and that’s it.

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Thanks for the responses guys. I did a lot of cardio last night and woke up semi hard this morning. Going to keep this up and see what happens. If this was only going on for a short period of time I wouldn’t be as nervous about it.. 3 and a half months just seems a little excessive. Forgot to mention that my dick went numb for a few days at the beginning of this month. Also, right before I started experiencing erection issues, I had pain in my unit for a few days. Not sure if that indicates anything.

It indicates nothing. Stop looking for things that don’t exist and have no bearing on what you are doing now.

Stop fighthing monsters mate.

Tests were good.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.

You can always test how good your blood flow is by doing a triplex(like you did),but with the proper dose so you can be sure.

As for nerve damage its very far stretched theory BUT there is a test for this as well, they wrap your dick in small electric thingies(can’t translate their name).

Apart from MY 2 cents,can someone who knows what he is talking about,tell us if excessive masturbation,hard grip,too many times a day,cause nerve damage on the penis,or generally damage?

I wouldn’t necessarily call if damage, but you can condition your penis so only a strangle grip provides enough physical stimulation.

I do excercises daily to make sure I can get my self erect just by what I think about. I find those erections to be outstanding.

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Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Thanks for the help guys. Trying to put my mind in a place knowing where I’ll get better, just having some trouble getting there.

If you have the money why not going to the doctor,personally speaking my mind always betrays me on these things so doctors help.

Since you have depression,its clear that at this moment your mind plays you tricks so a visit to the doctor is not a bad idea.

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