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Injury Help Needed

Injury Help Needed

Hey Guys,

Strangely enough I have an injury, but I am unsure if it is related to PE. Today I was rubbing one out (3 months without sex), and when I finished a throbbin pain came from the base of my penis. Yet it only comes from the my left hand side of the base/lower shaft. Has anyone ever had such pains before, is it normal? Should I hold off on further PE?


Besides flogging the bishop for heresy, what other stuff have you subjected him too? I get pains all over my body, including shit like that. Did you lift anything heavy and tore something and have a possible hernia?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I don’t believe I tore anything. I have done the newbie routine basically with many A and V stretches that really target the area that hurts. Yet, it doesn’t feel like after I stretch. It throbs for 5 minutes or so then it subsides. If I have torn something I am unsure of it, and I don’t believe I have a hernia. I’m thinking I should avoid PE for X number of days, but I don’t know how long it takes to heal (if anything is even wrong).

Short Answers: He has been subjected to PE, masturbation, and numerous make out sessions in the last month.


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