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Injury getting better glans slow though

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Well my dick is defnatley more sensitive all round today after a good nights sleep. I can actually feel it in my pants now. Particulary around the circ scar.

Glans sensations still not back to normal however I am happy to say it is very slowly coming back to life. I can feel minute changes.
The problem is I keep expecting it to jump back to 100% which is not going to happen.

EQ is pretty much back to 100%, it’s this little bout of anxiety that’s stopping it from going through the roof like it used to.

I’m going to update this thread regulary firstly to put my thoughts to another context and secondly so anyone in a simlialar situation in the future can benefit.

The thing that concerns me most is that my glans almost seems a lighter colour now in some areas, almost as if there is a circulatory problem. It may well have been like this prior to PE however.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Phew I’m delighted to report chaps that my glans is finally getting old sensations back!

It struck me today in the gym, starting to feel sensitive again. I can’t begin to describe how good/relieved I feel about this.

It’s been 5 days, so still recovering to do yet.

For anyone else this happens to, recovery is very incremental. I keep feeling zaps and zips in and around my glans which I’m assuming are the nerves recovering from the bruising they received.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

My shaft is pretty much 100% now. My circ scar and remaining foreskin are back to where they were and the sides and tops of the shaft all register pre-PE pleasure.

The glans is still not back though. It’s really frustratingly slow. It HAS improved, but it’s still some way off what it was. Still getting that rubber feeling a lot. I don’t really mind waiting If I know it will return 100%. On a plus note, sensation has returned to the sides now which were lacking a few days back.

Just to reiterate.
I can feel hot, cold, texture and pain all exactly the same as before. The feeling that’s lacking sadly at the moment is that wave of pleasure when you rub the glans when engorged. I tried my fleshlight earlier to confirm this (didn’t masturbate though).

I’m confident of a recovery as everything else has healed and EQ is back to 100% with nightwoods etc. so the damage cannot have been THAT bad or else I would surely be lacking other sensations.

What I predict is that it will be extremely gradual and then one day a few weeks or even months from here I will realise that the feeling has been back without noticing.

One point of interest is that I generally neglected moisturising my glans as much when doing PE, assuming that the cocoa butter would do the trick. It didn’t, and I notice now that my glans is looking a bit dry with cracked skin.

When it’s moisturised it’s definatley more sensitive. So will go back to my old Vitamin A/E aloe vera one twice or three times a day.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Right I’m pleased to report that most of the “rubbery” feeling has gone now from my glans. Starting to feel like my old glans to the touch. Sensation when edging still isn’t back although to be fair it is imroving slightly every day, even by the hour it seems.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Good! Good!…Glad recovery is going well for you, you’ll be back up an running in no time buddy.

I have been resting up and stopped masturbation and anything rough on the little guy.

The bruising on the glans has gone down in places. That pinky colour is coming back, still a bit bruised here and there though. The underside of my glans still has little sensation, think its going to take a good month or so to see much improvement.

Going to keep at it though. Like you said before; you don’t realise how valuable sensitivity is until you have lost it.

What does vitamin A/E aloe vera do?

Keep it up mate!

Lord Harris -

I heard this nerve regeneration bit and the fleshlight before. For some of us, starting PE it was more sensitive for while a newbie, and then less sensitive.

You are going to back the claim, that “Fleshlight” actually resensitises the penis, and can be training aid used for “edging”, “ejac control”, etc?

Tell us more

Hey gents. I’ve spent the last week literally scouring nerve injury posts and it seems that in close to 100% of cases full recovery happened. It sometimes took months, sometimes weeks. I’m guessing another week and I’ll be 100%.

When I first got injured man to say I was anxious would have been a gross understatement. I felt like my world had collapsed. That may seem dramatic but anyone who’s had it for the first time will empathise. The worst part was me being responsible, greedy if you will.

I desperatley needed that time off though. For example, I went to bed for an hour earlier and my wood during that hour was so intense it was kind of aching (in a good way). So strong it was unbeliveable. I get hard without manual handling now, like before. In fact I’d wager my erections seem to be more repsonsive now.

Rodney hold tight dude it will come back!

The way I like to look at it is guys who do foreskin restoration all experience an overwhleming wave of new sensitivity after literally decades in a lot of cases. The penis can and will restore nerves. Some guys whos penis is practically senseless for years can have it so bad they have to stop wearing certain fabrics. I’m not saying be irresponsible but I think given good rest, nutrition and PMA then it’s a temporary setback.

I find the moisturiser just keeps the glans nice and responsive. PE had dried it out somewhat as I am circumcised.

Also, I’ve started proper weightlifting again now. Heavy compounds, protein intake is abut 250-300gms a day. I did a squatting session yesterday and I feel like a huge bag of testosterone today. I had to use my fleshlight earlier, just had to. Thennnnnn when my girl came up I had to use her as well lol haven’t had a sex drive like that in years. Both heavy come loads. The sex probably isn’t the best for the repair process but I was becoming almost ludicrously sexually frustrated.

djrobbins, yeah I noticed after about two-three weeks of fleshlight use pre injury, that blowjobs were starting to feel much more pleasurable than before. I did notice it with intercourse but not quite as much. I haven’t used my hand in over a month now. I suppose it would take a while before the difference really kicked in but I can attest to a at least a partial increase in pleasure. It has a massaging effect on the penis as opposed to a vice unlubed grip. I have the loosest fleshlight so it’s almost forcing my dick to regain.

Weirdly enough I measured last night and hadn’t lost any of the .3” length I gained, even though it looked smaller. Perhaps it’s because I’m putting weight on through increased protein and lifting.

I am considering resuming my PE career, in light of the fantastic gains I made in a short space of time. I definately think I had a 7” NBEL there. If and when I do I am going to be VERY cautious. Any sign of reduced morning wood and I’m resting.

Opinions welcome.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

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Originally Posted by Lord Harris
Right I’m pleased to report that most of the “rubbery” feeling has gone now from my glans. Starting to feel like my old glans to the touch.

You are well on the way to full recovery! CONGRATS>>>>>

Fleshlight and girlfriend back-to-back???? Now that sounds like a lot of fun. ;)

Hye Sta, always good to hear from you.

Yeh dude I was terrible it felt like those first few weeks of a new relationship, where you want it constantly lol!

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

LH, I’m glad you’re recovering so quickly. To others reading this thread, sometimes nerve injuries require months to fully heal. Don’t expect complete resolution in only a few weeks.

Overzealousness isn’t always the cause of these issues. Sometimes, even when you’re doing what seems to be a perfectly reasonable routine, shit happens. From personal experience and what I’ve gathered from others over the years, nerve injuries tend to occur suddenly with no warning.

The good news is that in most cases guys do eventually fully recover.

Hey thanks Hobby. I appreciate the PM also. Didn’t want to pester you with more!

It’s not 100% yet, but starting to feel normal again. From what I gather, if and when you ever re-injure, it takes longer to heal each time.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Been a week of rest and it seems like my quick period of recovery is over. I’d say I’m at around 70% now, my glans has all feeling, including the sides which were the worst, but is still registering lesser “pleasure” than before. I can feel it incrementally increasing however but it is a slow process and one which I think will get better gradually without me noticing it.

I can feel post orgasm sensitivity and If my glans is wet/moisturised it’s hightened. Orgasms are normal and my erection quality is same as ever.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

This is getting annoying now, I seem to have hit a “plateau” recovery wise.

I distinctly remember pre injury If I watched porn and touched my glans I would get pleasurable sensation. Now I don’t get that. Not by light touch. I do by friction, and I can defiantely feel pleasure during intercourse, but that light pleasure on the glans is just not there when erect.

It doesn’t feel numb as such by my defintion of the word, more non responsive. What’s frustating is I almost feel pleasure or a miniscule amount but then nothing if I rub. This is the last bit of my injury that remains, but the most worrying for me due it’s extremely slow healing. I’ve gone from feeling despair more to frustration now. That rubbery feeling isn’t there so I know it’s improved.

I’m taking ginko and multi vits, sleeping lots and masturbating/sex infrequently. That’s all I can do. I may go and see my Doctor next week if it still hasn’t improved.

If it goes a few months then I may well start a foreskin restore early to see if it kick starts glans nerve regeneration.

More hot baths/warm wraps and cold wraps are needed I think.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

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