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Injury from Stretching HELP

Injury from Stretching HELP

SO I was stretching a few weeks ago and felt a slight pain behind the lower and upper head of my penis.

Its been a few weeks and now I randomly feel a lighting of discomfort in that area around the head only. I still masterbate daily, and I have no errecton issues or anything else.
Its mstly annoying when I’m flaccid and i hardly feel any discomfort when I’m errect.

What can this be and how can I help heal it?

If you have any questions, please ask them below.

I think you have answered your won questions: You have no erection issues or pain erect, so it is nothing to worry about and is not serious.

You have probably very slightly irritated a nerve. It will gradually get better but if you want to help it along, stop masturbating or doing anything to irritate it for a while.

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