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Injury from improper hanging

*Ok I think I broke my dick

Yesterday I was hanging and I didn’t realise but my head and the skin below the hanger clamped was cold. I hanged for 30 minutes.

Now I woke up this morning and somethings not right with my penis. It feels relatively numb. The erection is still there albeit only 80% of the way, but I don’t feel the sensations properly :(

Originally Posted by marinera
Hey, lack, why don’t you give the newbie routine a try? Hanging is not a short-time gain technique, neither is a good idea for newbies.
Mine is growing.

I tried the newbie routine it’s not for me I just don’t have the self control to jelq with semi etc. Every time I tried I ended up jacking off.

*Note of the Mod: this is the epilogue of this thread: How do I correct my hanging and hang properly

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I am really scared :( what can happen badly from hanging? I don’t want to lose all my horniness from my dick :(

I think you haven’t broken your penis, but ask advise to a Doc, lack.

When you’ll heal, I suggest one of this 2 options:

1) forget about PE : you don’t have the patience needed;
2) READ and READ and READ, realize that there aren’t short-cuts for a bigger penis and that if you do want to do PE you should start from manual exercises.

Best wishes.


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