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Injury from Clamping

Injury from Clamping

Gave myself a really good scare last night and still have smaller concerns as I type. Was on my second set of 10 minute clamping sets (1 near the head, 1 at the base) when I felt myself start to go soft. This is happens all the time and I usually just take off the clamps use some lotion and work myself back up to a 90% erection. This time when I took of the clamps and tried to work myself up it got softer and softer and suddenly just deflated to the size it was on a cold day in grade school. As it quickly went down I felt a tingling sensation in and around my penis, balls and thighs.

Having read daysdrag’s thread “…RIP Penis…” I figured there was enough reason for concern to get my ass to the emergency room at my hospital immediately. I had a hell of a time explaining to the nurses how I injured myself, and then they were even more perplexed by why I was concerned when there was no bruising or bleeding. After half an hour of waiting, the emergency room doc came in, took a look, felt around, and said that everything seemed to still be intact, I should be fine and to take it easy on it for a while. He also stated, that if I didn’t get an erection in the next few days I should go in and see the urologist for further examination.

I took it upon myself to schedule an appointment for the urologist anyway (maybe I won’t have to go to Mexico to score my Caverject anymore). This morning I woke up with slight morning wood, had a few semi’s during the day, and was able to work up to a 90% erection this evening (being very very very gentle with it). I guessing that over the next few days it will return to normal, but you won’t catch me near a clamp anytime soon, nor will I be doing any sort of non-chemical PE for a week (or longer depending on healing time).

I do have to say, that four years of PE without a significant injury had left me feeling pretty damn invincible. Well, now I know I’m not Superman.

Has anyone else experienced this injury before or heard of anyone else who has? I’d like to hear some other experiences and how it all turned out, along with healing time. Any advice or feedback (other than that I’m an idiot) would be appreciated.

Sound like you just overdid it, clamping is tough on your dick and two clamps is even tougher. I have almost hurt myself clamping at least 5 times and was able to snap the clamp lose before anything happened. Take a break:)

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I’ve never seen the need for two clamps. Anyone who does it is just asking for trouble.

Originally Posted by westla90069
I’ve never seen the need for two clamps. Anyone who does it is just asking for trouble.

At this point, I have no recourse but to agree with you :)

Originally Posted by rzilla
Was on my second set of 10 minute clamping sets (1 near the head, 1 at the base)

2 clamps is unnecessary, and wearing 1 near the head is just plain dangerous - too many sensitive nerve bundles behind the head area to risk damaging, whereas the base is better structured to withstand the pressures of clamping. Consider that a lesson learned.

Take a week’s break and report back once your erections are strong and regular.

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Seems to have recovered. Clamp at the head = BAD

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