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INJURY! - Dorsal Nerve

Originally Posted by optimalss
Some are saying the “hard cord” which appears when you try to elongate it to the max, is the septum. It’s in between the
CC’s, similar to the divider in the heart. Supposedly the dorsal nerve runs alongside the septum.

I too have a “hard cord” which runs across the dorsal side of the unit, it appears when it is stretched to the max, and this hard cord
Seems to be the limiter to any further stretch.

The septum is said to be a limiter in many, but it is said that it can elongate with stretching and heat.

I would your issue looked at by a urologist.

Thanks so much for the post. I have an appt today at 2:15.

Maybe the septum just gave out or broke??? I’d take that over a toasted nerve anyday.

It stretches noticeably further without this “cord”?

Originally Posted by optimalss
It stretches noticeably further without this “cord”?

Just got back from Dr. Getting an ultra-sound kind of thing done on Friday.

And, yeah, my unit stretches much easier and noticeably further.

Just did some looking. A diagram clearly labeled that as a “deep dorsal vein”. It’s the same thing that seems to be holding
Me back. There has been confusion on this subject on this board for over 5 years.

Confusion of whether it’s the septum the deep dorsal vein or dorsal nerves

Something doesn’t add up

There is a link in here that shows the diagram. The one in the middle appears to be the “deep dorsal vein”

Avoid confusion between the dorsal vein and septum. The septum is the central wall where CC meats; the exact name is “septum pectiniforme”.

^Yes, to the injured poster, when you described your ‘hard cord’ you said it runs along the top of your penis. This is a vein, your dorsal vein, not the septum. Some guys dont have one that protrudes out, others like you and me do.

"A watched pot..."

Originally Posted by ppp10734
And, yeah, my unit stretches much easier and noticeably further.

Stop stretching it, even to check up on it. It’s trying to heal. If the Doc. wants to pull on it, let him. But not you.
If something has become slightly detached, it might re-attach if you leave well alone. The first few days after an injury are critical, rest is usually what the body wants and needs.

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I went to my ultrasound appointment but because I had taken a Viagra within the previous 24 hours the doctor wanted to wait. He has to inject my unit with caverject and apparently they had a bad experience with a guy that had taken a Viagra… Appointment rescheduled for this next Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

The reduction of sensation in my glans is still very noticeable. Ugh.

I had the ultrasound. No word yet on the results. I have an appt. tomorrow with another Urologist, one that specializes in this kind of stuff. I’ll get the results then.

Caverject fucking hurts like a mad bitch from hell. It didn’t help that the dingbat Dr. didn’t get the needle deep enough to actually inject it into my CC. So I’ve had these two big ass bulges on the side of my dick for the last week and a half.

I am somewhat hopeful in that every day it seems like just a tad more sensation returns.

Saw doc. He thinks it is just a stretched nerve (nerve praxis). I should have a full recovery within 3 months. I’ll let you know in 3 months!!! I needed a decon break anyway ;-)


Scared shitless that I broke my dick for good, but I am totally gonna go back to PE’ing once I am healed!!!

My dick is pretty big now, but I want that 8” NPB and that darn 6” MSEG!!!

Did you end up healing ppp?

Further update on PPP’s injury: I PMed him and he said he finally healed up 100% around Sept/Nov 09 (his exact words, written in Jan 2010, were “3 or 4 months ago”).

This seriously is my worst fear regarding PE.

I was afraid I had gotten it in my first PE-period but it was just an annoyed vein.

I really hope you recover fully.

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