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Injury - Any help?


Yes it did seem to improve slightly, but I was abstaining, then when I ejaculated it kind of went back to being the way it was before.
Also since getting Hard flaccid I get involuntary kegels even when touching my flaccid penis!

My flaccid isn’t always small and hard, but it is most of the time. I can get it to come out, but it never stays soft or hangs like it used to.
Also when my erections are filling up and deflating it kind of looks out of shape (Not peyronies) the tissue looks kind of distorted near the base.

Yes it seemed to be improving but then I ejaculated and it seemed to sort of go back to how it was.

My flaccid isn’t always hard but it is majority of the time, it never feels the way it used to. Nor does it look the way it used to. Is the way it looks related to the pelvic floor? Maybe the pelvic muscles are causing tension on my dick making it kinda change shape? It looks bigger at the base since getting this HF. Before it was pretty much equal all the way to the tip.

I can still get erection but the way my penis looks when filling up and deflating with blood looks weird, its like the base fills up with more blood quicker than the rest, whereas before it would fill up at equal rates. Once fully erect it looks the same shape and size but the veins are noticeably different. The veins sometimes don’t even show at all and other times they’re big, when I pull my foreskin back when erect the veins pretty much completely disappear, which they never used to.

Maybe the tissue of my penis is damaged? I don’t know for sure, my doc won’t refer me to a urologist as of yet seeing as he told me to leave it alone for a further 6-8 weeks and if there is no improvement I will go back and then ask to be referred to a urologist.

Do you smoke, drink or have a poor diet? You want to help your ramburgler out then I suggest eating 1 lb of raw and 1 lb of cooked vegetables a day. Cut out any fast food from your diet. Stop drinking ANY caffeine until your shit is back to normal.

And 4 erections a month?! Oxygenation of the tissues in your penis is essential for recovery. Watch porn, get a woman to help you get it up, get a pump, what ever it takes you should be getting at least 2 erections lasting 20 minutes a day to promote penis health.

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No I don’t smoke, Don’t drink, last time I drunk was about 3 months ago a few days before my injury occurred, and I rarely drunk alcohol before that. I have also been eating plenty of veg! I don’t drink any drinks which contain caffeine either.

I’ve had more erections since then, I can get erections on demand, it’s just harder. Also my doctor told me to completely leave it alone for 6-8 weeks.

Well then just keep your pecker up. You’ll be fine, or die of penis cancer.

Start 2/27/14: BPEL 6"/ EG 5" ==> 6.5"/ 5.25"

Now: Taking a break!

Make a Donation Everybody's doing it.:cancer:

Originally Posted by buulet
Well then just keep your pecker up. You’ll be fine, or die of penis cancer.

Well , you’re a load of help .
dooks out !!!

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Try broccoli smoothies. You can mix a head of broccoli (fresh frozen keeps the highest amount of nutrient content the longest) with berries and such and down like about a pound of the stuff a day. I have always had a hard flaccid. Since I have been downing broccoli by the pounds it has really improved my flaccid hang. It may or may not help things return to normal for you. My favorite method of heating is warmup method: the Aladdin’s bottle

You could just heat him up without stretching if stretching is what you agreed to not do between you and your doctor.

You can also try adding vitamin C supplement and a multivitamin if you aren’t already doing so.

Be wary of pain killers and headache medicine. These are hidden sources of caffeine.

Watch your sodium intake.

Hope this helps.

Thanks buulet !
Didn’t know you had the same affliction .
Sorry !!!

Glad you’re having some healing going on !!
Very helpful .
Hope it helps JW .
dooks out !!

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Figured I’d ask this here since I don’t think I can start a new thread yet or however that works and this is an injury area so.. Also I apologize for cutting in on your thread. If this is in the wrong place again I apologize, I’m new at this.

About a month ago I bought a penis pump from a sex shop ( I know those aren’t recommended around here) but it did have a gauge on it. I’ve used the thing a total of three times since I bought it a month ago. The first time I used it I was really just playing around with it just to get a feel for it.

The cylinder has a 2.5 inche diameter which is way to big but didn’t realize till after I opened it (I have a 6 inch base girth). The box that it came in did say it had a 2.5 inch diameter but I had no idea what that meant at the time and that it corresponded to around 8” girth or so. This is the first pump I’ve ever bought so I didn’t know what size I needed and really what I was doing as far as looking for a pump goes. It also came with a silicone donut sleeve thing.

Anyway I’ve used it a total of three times like I said, never going over 5hg or the 5 mark on the gauge. Getting up to around 3hg to 4hg mainly, maybe once or twice hitting 5. The first time I did maybe 3 30 second -2 minute sets with about 3 minutes inbetween sets (or however long it took to get my self some what hard again) as I was afraid to pump any longer/ higher cause it felt new to me and kind of weird and I thought I could injure myself easy. But I never felt any pain, numbness, or seen any discoloration. I did one set with the sleeve thing on, one without and then again one with it on. The pump came with hardly any instructions by the way. The only pain I ever remember feeling was at the base from the base of the cylinder digging in my fat pad and scrotum and kind of leaving a red mark.
So after that first pump session I felt hesitant to try it again the next day and ended up waiting about a full week before trying again but did see good erection quality later that night with the lady.

The second time I used it, it was basically the exact same thing as the first time I pumped. Kind of being cautious, switching from using the sleeve thing to then not using it, staying in the cylinder no longer than a minute or two, for about 3 sets at no more than 4 - 5hg pressure, about 3 - 5 minutes between sets, no pain or numbness, except the red ring on my pubic bone after I release pressure and pulled the cylinder off but it goes away within a few minutes. The cylinder is red and see through and kind of makes it hard to tell if your dick is turning bluish purple or if its just the red tint of the cylinder but it had been over a week since the first session and again I noticed great erection quality later that night with the lady. By the way, manly the only reason why I considered a pump was to have improved erection quality not so much to actually make my dick bigger.

The third time I used the pump was about 2 days later after that 2nd pump session. I figured I would get good erection quality again by pumping a few hours before having sex again as that is how the other 2 pumping sessions went. Pretty much the same thing this time as the other 2 times, got hard put my dick in and pumped up to around 3-4hg. For around 2 minutes then released pressure. Did about 3 sets total and on the last set stayed in the cylinder for about 4 minutes and noticed my dick seemd to look blueish purple or so it seemed (again the cylinder is tinted red so it makes it hard to tell) and my penis seemed to have a slight downward bend starting at the middle of the shaft. I released the pressure and pulled out my dick and it did seem noticeably thicker and I noticed a very light donut effect starting to form under the glans and seen a bit more veins than normal but didnt see any discoloration or feel any pain. Then did a couple of jelqs and was done. I ended up with very bad erection quality that night, almost like a slow erection and needed to have constant stimulation to even keep it up some what. Could never get it to get fully engorged.

Its been a week since that last session and my penis still feels some what fatter with noticeably more veins or maybe its swollen? Lymph congestion? Lymphatic swelling? Edema? When I’m flaccid. I have No pain but I don’t know if its just in my mind cause I’m super paranoid about getting an injury or what but I feel like this slight burning sensation and tingle in my lower Corpus spongiosum near the base. I’ve had sex with my girlfriend 2 more times sense I noticed that bad erection quality and its still the same. Slow like erections that I can’t keep up and dies down fast without constant stimulation, its never really been this way before

Do any of you know what it could be? Did I cause a Venous leak? Did I rupture a blood vessel? Or artery? Or vein? I have no pain or discoloration or blister. Any help from you vets out there would be greatly appreciated thank you I’m just really worried.

Like I said the pump came with hardly any directions I’ve just kinda done my own reading here and on gpents (I think that’s his name) pumping and cylinder sizing thread and some other PE sights on how to pump and what time and levels were generally considered safe as I was originally going to order an LA pump or vacutech but bought this crap one I guess to get a feel if pumping would be right for me.

Please help me out Guy’s I’ve been a long time lurker and would really really appreciate it

Honestly I think you just overdone it.

If you caused venous leak you can’t achieve an erection. Just get a full week off or two and you’ll be fine, but if you are a newbie reconsider to use the pump only in the future.

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Hey guys,

I started out with an 8” dick, went in for carpal tunnel surgery, 4 days later I had priapism .The ER sent me to surgery because it would not go down. They fixed the problem and said it may come back. It did they sent in a different Doctor who was on that night and he did a Quackles procedure never got an erection after that, to make a long story short, I had 3 different implants all failed, my penis is now a 4” dead piece of skin, the doctor said a pump and a cock ring might work. I want to walk off a roof, can you image the only way to have sex is to tell the woman,”wait,I have to pump,first” I am done I am defeated .If anyone know a way to fix this ,I need your help,Please.

So what happened did woods penis got healed?

Jake I have the same problems as you when it leans right or left it stays there and I have that little curve ans shit. So what is going on I need help.


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