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Injury after ejaculating

Injury after ejaculating

Hello guys, I’m what you call a porn addict, I’m 26 years old, and I have been watching porn since I was 18, for the past 5 or 6 years I have been masturbating at least 3 or 4 times a day, well fast forward 3 months ago, I decide to stop, and give nofap a try, about 2 months in, I decide to give PE a try, 2 weeks go in and everything seems fine, but about the 3rd week in I stumble and decide to masturbate, well as I’m about to Ejaculate I feel this intense pain (only way I can describe is friction in the circled area as my semen was bout to come out) I spent the next 3 days constantly going to the bathroom, with intense pains in my bladder
And with a sharp sharp pain around my prostate gland(circle part), I thought I had Interstitial cystitis for a while, but after a week my symptoms cleared up, and I thought I was all right, well to see if everything was back to normal, me being the dumbass that I am decided to see if my junk was all right by masturbating, well, its been a day since and the discomfort is back, not as bad as it was the first time but is there, I have no medical insurance so I can’t go see an urologist, so I was wondering if any of you guys have dealt with this before.

Here is a pic to show you were about I feel the pain

You my brother have an urethral stricture :( may God help you because I went through hell the last 10 years and I still am I didn’t start PE yet I am afraid that the urethra might break in two or so to speak POP due to the URETHROPLASTY I had where they cut a part of my urethra out ( the diseased ) part and then reattach the two ends back together I hope for you it’s not the case but that is most likely an urethral stricture my brother did you fall when riding Ur bike or when erect did you hit to something?

It does not sound PE related, but sounds more like Prostatitis. Either abacterial prostatitis or bacterial prostatitis, look those up, do your symptom research and see a urologist about it. They can fix this with antibiotics if it’s bacterial. The poster above seems certain that you have a urethral stricture, but I wouldn’t be so quick to pinpoint your ailment without a doctor and careful reviewing of your symptoms. Your frequent urination as well as your pain after ejaculation are common symptoms of Prostatitis - and Prostatitis is what the vast majority of men go in to see a urologist for.

Yeah be careful diagnosing online tragic illness guys.

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