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urinary/bowel problems after jelqing and masturbating


Should I seek a second urologist’s opinion? I think the constipation and bend to the right is getting worse. I’ve had to increase the prune juice from half a cup to one cup.

The bend is starting to show in the erect penis as well. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any conservative treatments out there for Peyrione’s. I’m sort of depressed that I’m showing progressive symptoms for it at 19.

I don’t think you have peyronies. I think the problem is all vascular. The bend could be caused from blood draining from one side of the penis faster than the other side. I have an increased bend to one side since this started happening, and so does the other guy I know.

You’re situation could be different, so another urologist visit wouldn’t hurt. Ask him to check for peyronies, and also ask about checking the blood-flow in the corpus spongiosum and bring up spongiosonography.

Ouch. Instead of studying for one of my exams, I spent the time laying in bed after severe pain during urination. Urine flow was strong but it felt like a burning was occurring at the very tip concentrated to the right. I unconsciously flinched, shifted a little bit for gravity to assist, and the pain was far less.

I might be stalling my recovery, but I can’t seem to control it. Since I’ve stopped having sex, watching porn, and masturbating, I’m getting spontaneous boners like 10x a day. It’s not even my fault. Things like sitting comfortably in a chair, talking to a friend who smells nice, seeing the goddamn yoga pants on a chick ahead of me. These random erections are so uncomfortable and cause chafing. I can feel a pressure or something foreign beneath the corona and near the urethra.

I’ve scheduled the second urologist to see me next Friday. We’ll see.

End Summary

Hello all. I wanted to thank you for the advice and support I’ve gotten for the last two months or so.

The second urologist essentially repeated the exact same diagnosis I was given by the previous urologist. I’ve accepted things as they are and am just going to live on as optimistically as I can.

The repeated diagnosis is that I must have damaged a chamber in the penis responsible for filling it with blood. The bent erections I get are rare, and they straighten out when I’m fully erect. This was also the theory as to why I can only get a full erection while sitting down. It’s apparently easier for blood to fill the penis this way. The hard flaccid, rigidity in my member, was the process of healing.

He gave me a physical, made comments about the torsion and a discoloration I hadn’t noticed on the underside, and told me that my constipation probably isn’t related. He remained adamant even when I insisted that I’ve never had any issues EVER until the morning after the injury. He noticed the area of raised skin near the base and told me it’s scar tissue. The torsion, he concluded, must be scar tissue that turned the penis. It can take 2-3 months to dissolve, might not do so either, and I can take Vitamin E while I wait. If it doesn’t go away, it’s probably permanent.

Thanks to all for the advice and support. I was really terrified and having someone to talk was really comforting. It honestly looks like there’s nothing I can do besides hoping it heals and the erections go back to normal when I’m standing. I’m going to remain abstinent and continue pelvic floor stretches/reverse kegels in the hopes that the constipation resolves before seeing a GI doctor. I might get a cystoscopy in December, and I’ll update here if I do.

I truly regret being insecure about penis size. Two weeks of penis exercises and I’m looking at about $7000 in medical bills, chronic pains and constipation, possibly permanent damage to my dick, and tons of regret.

I wish you an early happy holidays. I’ll hang around for one more week to answer any questions or concerns.

You should try DMSO and iodine treatment to dissolve scar tissue, it’s supposed to work pretty well. Give it a good amount of time to heal before you do though, the scar tissue might be important to the healing process right now.

I think it’s easier to get erections while sitting down because you are putting pressure on the veins while you’re sitting, so blood doesn’t escape your penis as fast.

Wanted to update.

I attempted sex after a hookup with an older woman, but unfortunately my dick wasn’t working like it should. I got hard lying on my back, but when I stood up, it failed me. When I sat back down, hard flaccid took over, and I no longer could get hard for the remainder of the hookup. There was a kind of push back from my partial erection (it wasn’t painful but there was definitely resistance) and it wasn’t getting any longer. I just got her off with oral and she tried to do the same for me one more time. When I sat down again, the strangest thing happened. The erection went from 30% to 100% in a few seconds and I climaxed right then and there during the process. I’ve never experienced such a thing in my life, climaxing without pleasure and without being at a full erection. To be honest, the event inflicted some pretty heavy damage to my mental state.

This past week I had the MRI done and the urologist couldn’t find any scar tissue formation. He suggested a cystoscopy after Christmas break to check for a possible stricture. I’m trying to convince him to get a Doppler done but he doesn’t agree it’s a blood issue.

Asides from that, I’ve had no improvements in my condition. Torsion is still the same, erection fills up pointing to the right until I get to around 80% EQ and it straightens out, and climax results in a hard flaccid that takes an entire day to recover from before I get another erection. Standing up seems to kill an erection unlike before.

Constipation hasn’t changed and I told the urologist that it’s like a sulfur bomb now if I use the restroom or pass gas. He repeated that I should see a GI doctor because there’s no way the incidents are related.

I’m starting to get pretty depressed at this point. I sought a fourth uro’s opinion, but he didn’t know what to tell me either. 19 years old and I used to be able to go 4-5 times a day without any trouble. Since August, I’ve been hands-off with my dick nearly the entire time and I’ve seen very limited improvements. At least I’m not in pain, I guess.


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