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urinary/bowel problems after jelqing and masturbating


Should I seek a second urologist’s opinion? I think the constipation and bend to the right is getting worse. I’ve had to increase the prune juice from half a cup to one cup.

The bend is starting to show in the erect penis as well. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any conservative treatments out there for Peyrione’s. I’m sort of depressed that I’m showing progressive symptoms for it at 19.

I don’t think you have peyronies. I think the problem is all vascular. The bend could be caused from blood draining from one side of the penis faster than the other side. I have an increased bend to one side since this started happening, and so does the other guy I know.

You’re situation could be different, so another urologist visit wouldn’t hurt. Ask him to check for peyronies, and also ask about checking the blood-flow in the corpus spongiosum and bring up spongiosonography.

Ouch. Instead of studying for one of my exams, I spent the time laying in bed after severe pain during urination. Urine flow was strong but it felt like a burning was occurring at the very tip concentrated to the right. I unconsciously flinched, shifted a little bit for gravity to assist, and the pain was far less.

I might be stalling my recovery, but I can’t seem to control it. Since I’ve stopped having sex, watching porn, and masturbating, I’m getting spontaneous boners like 10x a day. It’s not even my fault. Things like sitting comfortably in a chair, talking to a friend who smells nice, seeing the goddamn yoga pants on a chick ahead of me. These random erections are so uncomfortable and cause chafing. I can feel a pressure or something foreign beneath the corona and near the urethra.

I’ve scheduled the second urologist to see me next Friday. We’ll see.


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