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Been excerising 7 months and about month half age avein on the left side of my penis about 1/4 in from the glans has popped out. dot know if its fro jelg while erect or what. Has been reduced and is blending into the penis and becoming smooth like my right side of my member. Find Warming up 5min, kegels 5min, dry jelging 5min, wet jelging 5mi and warm down 5 min has been better and less sress for my meber. It loof and feels great, erections during ight are more, longer and rock hard. Altho had no problem with them before start of program. Use VigRx with program for 4 months. went for 56in 4.5 in to 7in 5in. Working for 8in or more in length. The length is there when erect but flaccid about 3in, yet gentle pull from base and it gets longer in flaccid state.

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Hey Poppa,

I edited the last sentence of your post to make it readable.

Thanks for reporting your injury, it seems that your’e on your way to complete recovery and that’s good. Go easy with erect exercises, you have to build up the intensity slowly and carefully to avoid repeated injury.

BTW, there’s a Spell Check button right next to the Submit Reply button. Please use it when posting, to make your posts easy to read and understand. Thanks!

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First, your post was impossible to read first time up. Few will respond if it takes too much effort to read.

Second, the mods are currently discussing the measures that shall be taken shortly against those who do not heed the forum guidelines, such as temporary block from posting, or having to have posts moderated before appear on the forums.

We do not expect perfection, but stick to forum guidelines please.


Thanks guys and WillB7, I did use spell check but somehow the post got mess up. Will use more care in my post so that they are readable to all. That vein problem is correcting itself, some rest from PE helped and I will watch the erect jelging. I find that the warm ups and down really help my member.

Hey Poppa,

I went back and read all your posts - loved the one about waiting for the love of your life. Your input is very welcome. That last post was messed up, you have probably been tired or something.

Good luck with your quest to 8”.

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Hey WB:

Thanks again for your reply, I will post more when I have something to say.

WFB from U.S.A

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