Injuries in PE and Why They are Important to Understand

Up to this point, the injury forum has been member only. There are historical reasons for this. Thunder’s Place has been around for coming up to 12 years, we are bound to have made some decisions that just seem more and more wrong as time goes by. Making the Injury forum only available to members is one such decision.

Any PE career is likely to include a brush with injury, however minor, and people need up front information about this, whether they are members or not. Penis enlargement is, like many things in life, not without risk and the most sensible thing when starting is to try and quantify the risk and see if you still want to proceed.

As a moderator here, one of my tasks is to move threads to appropriate forums. It has always felt wrong to move injury information out of the public view, like we were trying to hide something. We do try to hide stuff from non-members (all the good stuff ;) ) but we shouldn’t be stopping people from becoming as informed as possible just because they haven’t registered. I know a number of other mods feel the same way. It’s been likened to something a commercial organisation would do to information that might hurt business.

So here it is, in the public view, warts and all.

Take your time reading through these threads. There are some terribly common injuries and you should know that you will probably hit one or another in your PE career. Luckily, most are minor but there are also cases where people have reported major injury. Understanding how an injury can come about will hopefully inform the way you progress and hopefully add weight to the constant refrain of experienced members when talking to newbies: “take it easy”.

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