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I think I messes up my....

I think I messes up my....

I started PE a wile back, found out how to jelq from a guide I found on the net. Who ever wrote the guide was poorly informed, didn’t tell me nothing bout warming up, cooling down or hot warping. So a few weeks down the line I got dent that runs all the way down the of width dick, my dick head started to bend left so i stop PE in hope that it would go away. Well luck weren’t on my side it didn’t, but I gained length so I decided to try PE again got more length and another dent ,that was all like bout 2years ago. So what I want to no is there any way I can rectify the dents I got in my dick. They don’t hurt or nothing but when I get a hard they look pretty horrid , so can I get rid of them or not???

“dent”? Could you give a better description? Is it like the tunica is concave?


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I hardly ever use hot wraps for jelqing so that can’t be the cause for your dent. I don’t know what kind of dent you have but if something is bending to one side left/right you’re probably only using one hand to jelq. If you’re not already doing it make sure to alternate between hands.

There are several ways to correct the shape of your dick. If you can give a better description or a sketch/picture we will be able to help out.

I all ways use two hands to jelq , i all ways have.Its only a minor bend i aint really bothered bout it but its just the dent like tings .Well they look like lumps when i feel in to them there like dents that run all the way around my dick only on one side tho.Any way I did a little pic the black one is what it feels like dents & the green one its what it looks like lumps.

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You can straighten the curve by jelqing against it. You can also attack the curve by erect bending and hanging but these are more advanced PE techniques so I wouldn’t do them as of yet.

According to your information it sounds like to me that your tunica is a bit weak. It can’t handle the jelqing very well. You should be careful not to get peyronies disease.


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