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I need some advice....

I need some advice....

OK -

3 months after i thrombosed my vein it is all calmed down but the vein is still palpable under the skin - just not as bad as before.

(I don’t really want to go to the doc again as i am sure it would be ok for sex now and this is all he’d be worried about. I’m sure if i asked him if i can hang weights off it he’d tell me not to. But then he’d say that to anyone thrombosed vein or not.)

Does this mean it has died?

Should i go back to pe and just ignore it?

Should i leave it until it goes away?

Will it go away?

Should I have it sclerosed (collapsed surgically)?


I am literally at a loss now as to what to do so anyone with any experience or knowledge who can offer a sensible idea of where to go would be appreciated.

I am about to be away for the next 3 weeks so i’ll be leaving it for that period of time anyway but i dont think it has got any better than it is now in the last 3-4 weeks. So by the end of this period i’ll have been off for 4 months nearly. I think it’ll be as good as its going to get by then.


See Ya,



The vein by now is probably sclerosed (hardened - filled with scartissue) It possibly could recannulize. No way to know except time. It is difficult to advise you what to do. what technique were you doing to get this. If you plan to try to continue to PE I think I would give something different a try (if anything). good luck.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks luvdadus

I was doing a ridiculously high pressure girth exercise of my own making when i originally screwed it up.

I am assuming that if it has sclerosed then there is not really any chance of it re- thrombosing?

I will probably give it the three weeks that i am away to see what happens then go back to jelqing and hanging…

watch this space.

See Ya,


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