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I need Niacin for thrombosis?

I need Niacin for thrombosis?

I’ve been doing some manual stretching regularly until I got my bib starter. Well I just got it!!! but last night I found a damn thrombosed vein!!! so now my brand new starter is calling for me but I can’t use it. I had this once before. As soon as I found it I was messing with it trying to see what it was, the rubbing cleared right away. This time I wasn’t so lucky. I’ve been doing kegels like crazy, hot baths, hot wraps, and massage. The only thing I haven’t been able to find is this Niacin that T-rex was talking about. Can anyone help me?

Thanks guys,


Hoping and Praying


Seems there were several incidences of this just a couple months ago, SuperStroker, Jaco, Chi and myself included.

Most guys opted to rest and refrain from PE efforts, and after time I believe the veins returned to normal for most.

I rested from PE for a couple days, massaging it when I could. I then started doing some light jelqing, and also used a muscle massager on it. That, for me, seemed to fix it. Got up one morning and it was gone. Have had a couple times since where it popped back up, and one with a different vein, but I try to work around it and not interrupt my PE.

Not advocating doing this, as most of the advice I got here was rest and leave it alone, and that seems sound. Is not my nature to do that though, hence the above.

We had a couple threads going that were pretty informative, you’ve probably seen them already:

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Niacin can be found at Walmart and most other drug type stores with a good vitamin section, I would imagine…

ugh sorry about that, meant to mention that and got talking about the other stuff - thanks for filling that in RB-

Niacin is all over the place, should be able to find it in any health food store, and places like WalMart, Target, as RB mentioned.

Easy on the dosage though, too much and you get the Niacin Flush which can be maddenly uncomfortable, though it passes quickly. Have no idea if this would help a thrombosed vein. Logically, since niacin causes dilation, which accounts for the flush (though I think that’s capillaries in the skin), it couldn’t hurt.

I would be interested in what happens. Please post your results if you get a chance to try it.

I read on a site recently that the niacin flush is actually a very beneficial effect. Niacin expands the very small capilaries, allowing them to receive adequate blood flow. Normally, they are like a very narrow straw, and can only pass one blood cell at a time. Because of this, many parts of the body are actually deficient in their oxygen supply. When niacin comes along and expands the straw/capilaries, the body uses it’s chemical messenger, histamine, to signal the need to send as much blood as possible to the cells needing rejuvination and relieved of any toxins, such as heavy metals, etc. they may be storing. The itching is a symptom of the histamine release, and the flush is caused by increase blood flow to the capilaries in the skin.

I am currently taking flush free Niacin, or inostol hexanicotinate, to see if it aids in pe. I took 500 mg daily for about a week, just upped the dosage to 1000 mg today. For what it’s worth, I feel all tingly in my extremities, like the blood is aflowin’… No idea if it will help in the long run, but figured it can’t hurt.


Thanks a lot guys, I’m on my way to walmart

Hoping and Praying

Hey, keep us posted, RB, on the results——I’ve been interested in niacin for a long time, but only take a regular B-complex daily. Btw, where did you get your flush-free niacin?

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Don’t know what I expect it to do, hopefully just good blood flow, which it seems to be doing. My flaccid seems like it is staying more pumped since taking it, but who knows…

Don’t think it will hurt, I’ll probably stay on it through this bottle of 60 caps (I’m taking 2 per day now) then stay off a week or two to see if I notice any reduction in anything…

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