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I might have injured myself.

I might have injured myself.

Again, sorry for bad english, I’m swedish.

Last Friday, almost a week ago I did some pumping.
I’ve been pumping for about a year and have done PE for almost four.
No problems at all in the past.

So, last Friday I made myself a cup of coffee and started pumping for maybe 20 - 30 minutes.
I used low pressure as usual and didn’t feel any pain or anything.
Then I took a shower and went to a bar and had a few drinks with my friends.
First thing I noticed was when I went to the bathroom my urin didn’t have any “pressure”.
I had to really push to get it out and almost wet my shoes.
I didn’t think about it anymore, because you know, stuff happens.

Then I saw my girlfriend and we had alot of sex all night long.
Everything went great, no pain, no loss of eq, no nothing.

But, then I woke up.
I felt like my urethra was itching.
And sense then it feels like I have to pee all the time.

I saw a doctor on Tuesday.
Did alot of tests and they found nothing.
No infection etc.
I have no pain and you can’t see anything.
It doesn’t burn when I pee.

Do any of you have a clue what this can be?
Have I just injured something inside?

Thank you.


If there is nothing discernable, then there is little you can do at the moment except stop PE’ing for a few days.

It may just be that the pumping and the sex contributed to a small sprain. So give it a few days rest and then see how things develop.

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Thanks man.

Does your pump have a gauge? It sounds like you have pumped with too much pressure and/or too long. This tends to cause the ‘now pressure piss’. What lubricant are you using, also?

No, I don’t have a gauge. Stupid I know.
But I know how much I can take.
I have a ruler on it I didn’t go far at all.
It was light pumping. I felt good, no pain.

I usually use vaseline.
But lately I have been using a body lotion for about two weeks.
It has perfume in it. Might be the problem?

I have ordeded a new pump with a gauge. Just to be safe.
Like I said before.
I have no pain and it looks great, but it’s itching all the time.
I kind of feels like something is stuck inside my penis, and I know that is not the case.

Thanks alot for your answers.

It really means alot.

Take care.

Parfume? Yes, that could be a problem!

First, you need a gauge, I don’t think a ruler can substitute it.

Second, parfume has irritated your urinary tract. Drinking alcohol has probably worsened the irritation.

If the itching doesn’t go way in a couple of days, speak again with your Doc.

Rentor you don’t need to make a new line for each sentance. It doesn’t matter too much, except the way you’ve written it so far, it looks like you’re writing poetry!

Itching, like inside the urethra? Is the itching constant or just when you’re peeing?

>>Itching all the time <<< Sounds like constant :)

Originally Posted by Tweaking
Rentor you don’t need to make a new line for each sentance. It doesn’t matter too much, except the way you’ve written it so far, it looks like you’re writing poetry!

Itching, like inside the urethra? Is the itching constant or just when you’re peeing?

Guess what. I do work as a writer, musician and a poet.
But I’ll try to stay away from the enter button. My bad.

The itch is not present when I pee. No burning, no itch and no pain. Just the feeling that I have to pee all the time.
My doc said that I should drink alot of water and rest. It’s not an urininfection. They found nothing in my pee or in my blood.

Not trying to hijack the subject but Caffeine actually constricts blood flow,”In the brain, caffeine binds with adenosine receptors. Adenosine is a chemical that when bonded with nerve cells, among other things, causes the blood vessels to constrict.” Just pulled that from an article, thought it would be easier than explaining myself. Drinking coffee beforehand may be limiting your gains!

Now I am a huge fan or some of these pre workout supplements, some however are horrible. Some have caffeine, some do not, some claim that the ingredients counteract the effects of caffeine constricting blood flow. Dynmatize Expand has around three red bulls in one serving plus the added benefits of your amino acids, basically the supplement gives you a much more intense pump in the gym; I like NO-Explode as well. Regardless I have actually found that taking a serving before my session give me greater expansion, however Id rather take before I go to the gym. Okay, I think I am going off on a tangent, but all I am trying to say is that you may want to drink less, or no coffee before a session.

Hmm Sirmixalot that was a bit unrelated!

Rentor I think I have experienced this feeling before, after taking some herbal supplements and being continually aroused for a while but not ejaculating, it felt like there was a block or something that needed peeing out. Later that day and after having felt this sensation most of the day, I actually pissed out a bit of semen. The same thing happened later when I went to the bathroom again and after that the uncomfortable feeling of needing to urinate left me. Just a theory though.

All I can think of is maybe some semen is stuck somewhere in your urethra and hopefully it should clear by itself. If it’s been almost a week now I’m surprised it hasn’t already. You may have to look into getting a dreaded catheter.

It might be an urinary track infection. I got one of those and I constantly felt like peeing. It went away in two weeks or so. I am not sure how I got.

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Thanks alot guys for your answers.

I’m gonna keep drinking my water with lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar. Lay off the PE and just rest.
Hopefully it will go away.

Have a great weekend!


Any relevant advice that can be given has been given therefore since no one else has, I want to tell you that your English is just fine. If you hadn’t mentioned you’re Swedish I never would have caught on. :)

Thanks man!
That really means alot!


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