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I have pain in the shaft but still good EQ?

I have pain in the shaft but still good EQ?

Hey all,
First, I am trying to do everything so I get good PIs. I just started and have done only about 3 workouts over 2 weeks. I had good EQ today and decided I was rested enough from my last workout 4 days ago. I am trying to go slow to ease in. However, with a rice sock warming up, I felt some pain in my shaft while just moving the sock to a different part of the shaft. It was minor, but it was definitely there and I immediately stopped. I was able to reproduce the same pain 2-3 more times by rubbing my unit as if beating off for a couple seconds.

I have a thrombosed vein on that side which has not been affecting my EQ or bothering me, and the pain was close to that area but it felt different. I am confused since I had good EQ yesterday and today, and I jerked off yesterday with no pain ( which was 3 days after my most recent workout, after which I had normal/good EQ).

My question is what is this? My EQ has been totally fine the past 2 days. It is 1 of 2 things: Option #1, it could be my T-vein acting up, or #2 it could be a different injury. It could be my old T-vein which hasn’t bothered me in some weeks since the skin down there gets dry while warming up, which tends to aggravate any rubbing around the vein. Is it possible for irritation of this vein to cause a different kind of pain in a slightly different place (but on the same side of my unit)?The pain feels deeper than the T-vein, which is usually irritation near the surface.

Option #2, it is a separate injury I got. In this case, I don’t know when I would have gotten it because I didn’t feel this pain the past 3 days and my EQ has been fine since my past workout. But it does feel like a different pain than my T vein…

Either way I will wait for 2 weeks until it feels better. Thanks.

Maybe a slight injury/aggravation to something that doesn’t effect EQ, while the PE exercises are still benefitting your EQ overall. 2 weeks off sounds like the right approach.

Thanks inspirit. Unfortunately I am confused about what it could be. I thought if I followed what gave me good EQ fully then I would be fine, but I guess not always. Some of my workouts ended up being a fair intensity although I have not seen any red spots before. So I thought since my EQ after the workout was fine it would mean I don’t have any injuries. I will cut down my intensity by a decent amount when I restart.

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