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I broke it


I broke it

I broke my penis. I haven’t had an erection in about 4 days. I can’t bring myself to have one either. Last time I hung, my penis was very cold, and very discolored. It’s still a little numb and rubbery like. I have some feeling in the head and shaft but not much. I have red spots along my shaft too.
Any help, advice would be greatly appreciated.

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what hanging device were you using?

Are you on any cold medication?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Four days? You need to step away from the computer, get in your car and go see a urologist.

If it was my dick, I’d be in the emergency room.

By the way, if you want to be seen quicker in the emergency room, always scream your head off while you’re sitting there.

Vomiting and “involuntary” defecation also help to expediate things.

Can’t help. Sorry.
If it has not turned black and shrivelled up, it means that your bloodcirculation is still working. That’s positive.

Perhaps your nerves have been cut off for too long. You could wait to see if sensation gets restored in due time.

I once had a severed nerve in my finger, but it’s function was taken over by another nerve. Cool eh?
Perhaps you’re are that lucky too.

Anyhoo. Go see a docter if you don’t trust it. Tell him what you did. He has heard weirder things, probably. He/she is there to help YOU!

Good luck!

Oh, yeah. Don’t do any more PE until it gets better. No stretches, jelqs or anything.

Hey now, this could be good news. A urologist would now have to recommend a penile implant. My father has one, due to bad veins from smoking. Now when he wants an erection, he just pumps it up and it will be everlasting until he lets it back down. Imagine it!

Inch, I now you may feel embarrased to mention this to your urologist, but you have to do it. The longer it waits, the worse it may get.

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Well, I’m terrified to say the least. When I pinch the head it turns white. It has never done that before. After just masturbating steadily for about half an hour I got about an 80% erection. If I pinch the skin on my head I can feel it and it hurts. If I just massage it, I don’t feel anything. I hate my life sometimes.


This is very scary indeed, but can you tell us what happened while you were hanging? What hanger were you using? Did you max out on weight? Go too long? Did something happen suddenly? Please just give a brief recap so we can avoid this very bad result.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I was using the wench device, hanging over the shoulder with 8lbs. I was not paying attention as I normally would do. I was listening to music on my headphones forgetting time as it would go by. I just looked down and knew something went wrong. It was severely cold, and purple. My head and shaft were ice cold. After some light jelqing the color went back to normal and the coldness went away. Now my dick feels like rubber. If I pinch the skin on my head I can feel that. I cannot feel a hot rag though. If I pinch the head, flat part of my thumb on top, and flat part of pointer finger on the bottom, and squish them together hard, I have no feeling.

If I were to take, say a viagra or something similar, and achieve a good erection, would it be safe to say, I will be alright and that it’s just going to take some time? I called the emergency room by my house and the wait alone is 4 hours, and that’s just to be diagnosed, I still have to wait for a urologist to come to the hospital. I’m on call for snow removal and cannot miss it. It will cost me my job.

Inch, this happened to me also while hanging. The feeling went away and everything was cold. I couldnt even get a 10% erection.
The main thing is to stay calm . It lasted 1 day for me. Infact, I woke up the next morning with an erection.
I left the hanger on too long and was hanging 15lbs at the time.
Good thing I periodically check for temperature cause it would have been worst had I gone another 5-10 mins.
Keep it warm with light massages.


Yes my dickhead got very cold and very deep purple using the wench also, i ordered the bib and havent had that problem at all!

Inch, I think Kabar’s advice is good at this point. Stay calm. Because you’re so focused on it right now, it may seem to be worse than it is.

Certainly keep an eye on it for any changes (maybe check it every 20 minutes or so), and just get to a doctor or hospital whenever you can. If it starts to get worse, go to the emergency room.

Don’t panic. That always makes things worse.

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