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I broke it


I would soak in hot water or do hot wraps until I could see a urologist. When I do hot water soaks I put my pinkie finger in there to see that the water is not too hot.

I think you’re gonna be fine, but I would see the doctor to get any doubt out of my mind. I wish you the best of luck.

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I think my pe career just came to a permanent halt. I am in no way at all, blaming anyone, anything and I still believe in pe. However, I would rather have a cock that works, rather than a cock that don’t. I didn’t even use my bib yet.

Originally posted by Inch X Inch
Well, I'm terrified to say the least. When I pinch the head it turns white. It has never done that before. After just masturbating steadily for about half an hour I got about an 80% erection. If I pinch the skin on my head I can feel it and it hurts. If I just massage it, I don't feel anything. I hate my life sometimes.

You overdid. Pure and simple.

But the world hasn’t ended and you will heal. Listen to what westla and others have said. See a urologist. You can easily say that you had really robust sex for long duration with a partner and now look what happened. Odds are he’ll look to the solution and not quiz you any further.




Remain calm. Use your yin to appraise the situation. One must be very careful and thoughtful in preparation. Definitely take time off for sure, enjoy the snowfall or lights over the skyline.

You will regain the power of the ding-a-ling. Your friend has only taken a hibernation for the time being. He will regain his power and place through the ability to rock giant flesh mountains and deep valleys of vagina once again.

Always make sure small consumer electronic devices are present to make sure you don’t overstay your hanging time. I believe Grandmaster Bib of the Dragon Penis clan did this when speaking on the telephone. Some friend called him from “who wants to be a millionaire?” as a lifeline on some obscure history question and he lost track of time. I believe he wrote about that exploit less than a half moon past. You should look into it.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Twat, your a sick bastard! Thank you guy’s for the feedback and words of encouragement. This is the second time I have done this, but this time it is much worse. I’ll keep you guy’s abreast of my situation. Hopefully I can heal and start again, but attempting pe again doesn’t seem like an option anymore.

If you finally get your head screwed on correctly with regard to a sensible program, you have another shot.

Meanwhile, rest it, see a good urologist.

You need a good spanking. Here we have all these vets around to advise you and what do you do? You break your dick.



I downloaded one of those count down clocks for hanging because I kept going over the time it works great, I now never go over 20.

feel better bro, when you start again and you will download the clock and start slow.

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I didn’t go over 20. I didn’t even get to 20. I just did not pay attention while I was hanging. Plus, I got a littel over zealous because I gained in fsl,( also bpl but didn’t measure that yet ) so, I think put some more tension with my back while hanging ots.


How are you recovering? I’ve been in your boat before, but it wasn’t from hanging. Here’s what I did to myself - Multi-clamp numbness!

If I were you I would try to promote blood circulation as much as possible to aid in healing. Try doing very light vacuum pumping for two minutes a day max to draw fresh blood to the damaged areas of your penis. Warm baths may help also. Vitamin E cream or other creams may help. If you can get Viagra I would highly recommend it. Take fifty milligrams before bed to promote night time erections. Other supplements that promote good blood circulation may also be helpful. Light massages or light milking of your penis should also be a good thing to do.

In my opinion you will be fine with a little time to heal. When we do damage to our dorsal nerve this is exactly what happens. You lose feeling in the glans and also you will have difficulty in getting an erection. Be prepared, for once you regain some erectile ability, you will most likely premature ejaculate for awhile.

Let us know how you are doing and don’t sweat it. Once you fully recover maybe you will want to try a manual exercise routine to avoid doing this again.

I ran across a thread today that newbie started. It seems to make good sense so here it is if you are interested - I’ve been jelqing for more than 6 months. This is what I have learned.


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Originally Posted by cyberstud25
Yes my dickhead got very cold and very deep purple using the wench also, i ordered the bib and havent had that problem at all!

You must have had the wench on too long or the cable clamp on too tight.

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I believe you will recover. I have had similar scares. I also agree about the Bib Hanger, I have had no problems so far. You also need to stay diligent when doing PE and check your dick all the time. Here is my stories of injuries.

Penimaster users beware

I am getting better. I still am not getting night time or morning erections. I can bring myself to one, but it’s a lot of work. Just today I managed a full taught erection. I can still bend it when it is full, but oh well, I did this to myself, again, almost a year after I hurt myself manually. I did gain a full, solid 1/2 inch so at least it wasn’t a fruitless effort. Let me tell you what even a half inch gain looks like is mind blowing. Just a half inch! I’m stumped. Getting back to the subject, up until today, I had pretty much full sensitivity in every area of my glans and shaft. Then, I got a little overzealous masturbating, and poof! Blew out my nerve again and have lost some sensitivity. I know it will heal again, but this just sucks. I have a brand new, unused bib just waiting for me to use and I can’t. Oh, and for those who don’t know, I was hanging 8lbs over the shoulder and wasn’t paying attention to my cock. I WASN’T PAYING ATTENTION TO MY COCK WHILE I WAS HANGING WEIGHT OFF OF IT!!! Please, whatever you do man, just pay attention to yourself at all times. Always check, feel, sense question and listen to your cock. Listen to the vets,listen to the stories. No reason to repeat someone’s history.

I’ll be here in the meanwhile, chiming in when I can.

I also use a timer that “dings” when I hang. I thought I would have to give up PE but after things healed I am back at it and my dick is healthier than ever. It has been the best thing I ever did for it. It looks better, functions better and sex awesome now. But I understand the feeling of wanting too much, too fast and then have feelings like you have. You have to be cautious and go for careful gains. I learned my lesson.

Inch X Inch, how is your recovery going?

Anything new here?


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