How to know that injury healed???

Hello everybody!!!

I posted this thread in the main member forum but i don’t seem to get any replies on this subject.
The thread is called “Help!!!” and is located here:


My problem is that when I tried out some v-stretches a week ago I pulled very hard and blood came out of my penis. I didn’t feel any pain at all.
After searching in this forum I thought the best thing to do is to rest for a week. Today I very carefully tried to do some light jelquing and after a few reps again blood came out. It was not a drop or two and then it stopped but as long as I am jelquing every 5-6 reps a new drop comes out and nothing hurts me at all.
I am really pissed off because I have to rest again and the injury –after today’s trial- probably got back to the same condition as last week.
Of course you all know how difficult it is to stop PEing once you have started. It’s something you feel you just HAVE to do it or you feel that something is wrong-for me at least!!

The question now is:

Even if I rest for a month.. how do I know it healed ??

I don’t want to rest for another time and when I decide to start again I destroy all the healing process that has taken place.

I have some thoughts on continuing PE despite of the blood as long as it doesn’t hurt.

Please reply because I really need to get back to training.
Or if anyone knows where to find the answer please tell me where.