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How do I know if I need to stop nerve damage

How do I know if I need to stop nerve damage

I recently started having sex after a small lifetime of self pleasuring, and jelqing with a little jai stretching and other stretches, mostly jelqing and recently ulis.

But upon having sex, the blowjob feels funny, good but not as good as I remembered blow jobs being before PE. Now the blow-jobs I got then were quite awesome, and my gf is not quite as awesome. But I’m worried that it might be some kind of damage. I feel like it’s desensitized, maybe numb. Not sure if it’s the shaft or head or what. Maybe the whole thing. She could not make me cum, and when we had sex (with a condom) I felt like it was not sensitive enough, sometimes I wasn’t even sure if it was hard (it was).

Does this sound like irreversible nerve damage?

Sometimes I jelqed without warming up.

Sometimes I jelqued at almost full erection. A few times I think at full erection on jelq or uli, it never hurt or caused spots though!

Sometimes when I play with my head there is a very dull pain.

Maybe I damaged the nerve bundles?


I’m sorry to say this but I think it’s a nerve damage. About 6 months I got injured and I still have the things you describe (Dull feeling sometimes, less sensitivity, (Takes me longer to cum now) etc) The only thing you can do is to stop ALL Pe and hope that it isnt permanent..

By the way, do you get Morning wood?

Yes I do. Are doctors good at figuring this kind of thing out? What are the most sensitive areas of the penis in a normal one?

Sex without a condom is much much better. But I am not sure if everything is OK. I would prefer to continue PE, so I should probably see a urologist soon, right?

I don’t think it would help going to a doctor right now. He just going to give you one advice and that’s to rest. Nothing more can be done. If you continue with PE, you may do the inflicted injury worse and then you really would get some problems. Please take a break (Some weeks) and see if things change. If not, visiting a urologist isn’t a bad idea. I do think this will disappear after some rest so take it easy.

Listen to latency.

I am ab md myself and I can tell you that the only thing you can do is to stop pe.

Go see a urologist so you are 100 % sure and will stop immediately.

Later - ttt

I would never tried to override an MD but do you think from your “small lifetime of self pleasuring” and no sex that maybe you and your dick have somehow forgotten the feeling?

A rest isnt a bad idea for anyone into PE. Can you describe a little more about your routine?

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Don’t forget that you are used to being in total control of your level of stimulation when masturbating; I’m guessing you keep the stimulation level high most of the time. Your current girlfriend won’t be able to do that to you until she has really got used to exactly what turns you on.

With some girls I can cum easily from oral, and from some I can’t. Some are just much better at it than others. If you are finding sex without a condom much, much better than with one, again it suggests that you have just got used to very high levels of stimulation from masturbation - the amount of sensitivity reduction you get from a condom is nothing compared to what you would get from nerve damage.

Take a couple of weeks off; not just from PE, but from masturbation as well. Let all your stimulation come from your girlfriend only. See if it improves matters; it almost certainly will. It is very unlikely you have done any permanent damage.

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I usually just jelq. And sometimes Uli or 440 (recently). I was stretching in the beginning. Now I do jai stretches in the shower. My bad habits are:

I don’t always warm up.

I probably jelq too far up the shaft to rim of head sometimes.

I sometimes jelq at full or very nearly full erection.

I never have a routine longer than 20-30 minutes.

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