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Horse 440's- the truth...

Horse 440's- the truth...

So I have been reading over the threads on Horse-440 squeezes because I am interested in pursuing more girth gains. I have been doing them for a few weeks now and have visually seen some really great girth gains (I didn’t bring a measuring tape to America so I’ll have to wait another week to measure).

My question- I have read a few people stating that Horse 440 squeezes are the most dangerous PE exercise when it comes to risk for injury- what are you experiences of this claim?

More simply:

1) Have you ever incorporated Horse 440’s into your PE routine?

2) Did you suffer any injuries to your penis as a result of this incorporation?

Additionally, it would be nice to hear about the gains made while doing Horse 440’s.


Decemeber 2007: 5.8" BPEL x 4.9" MSEG

Current:-------->7.7" BPEL x 5.7" MSEG (7.2" NBPEL)

Current Goal:--->7.6" BPEL X 5.8" MSEG Do or do not, there is no "try".

I was doing them for a while and not sure if I got any gains because at the time I never had flexible measuring tape. But IMO they’re not dangerous. In fact, I was using them at the time that I had injured myself with the jelq device. I couldn’t jelq because it put too much pressure on my head which is where the injury was, but I continued with horse440s and now it’s gone! Now I can jelq again and horse440. I think they’re safe because I was squeezing pretty hard and never got injuries from it.

7-20-16: BP: 7.63 NBP 6.75 x 5.75

3-22-17: BP: 8.44 NBP 7.56 x 5.75

Still working in getting the technique down, I try now and them.. Want to give some advice?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Psssst, man of 10, we have measuring tapes in America.

You can’t change measuring tapes just like that

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

Are 440s where u get full wood, kegal hard, and then squeeze the base trapping the blood in your cock while squeezing and pushing from the tip down so you push the blood down your cock while clamping with your other hand?

If not, what is what I described called and what is it good for?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Psssst, man of 10, we have measuring tapes in America.

Technically, that is true, but he has gained so much that now he is measuring himself in kilometers.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

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