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holes/tears in skin

holes/tears in skin

Ok this is really hard to explain but I will try my best. And I am cut so the foreskin has nothing to do with it.

On the underside of my penis, from about the middle of the penis to the scar tissue there are many small tears in the skin, which look like small holes :S. An idea of what it could possibly be is this: Think plucking a hair, and then the hole it comes out of rips and the holes are like 0.2-0.5cms big, they started off just near the scar tissue (towards the head) on the underside of the penis, but recently I’ve noticed that the number seems to be increasing down the middle of the underside of the penis.

This is FREAKING me out!!! I am thinking that perhaps the moisturiser i am using to jelq is thinning the skin, and therefore making it easier to tear. That would be my thought on whats happened.

Does anyone else have any idea what’s caused this? I warm up, stretch and wet jelq, 4 times a week.

No pain or anything, but i’m starting to get paranoid about it, and its freaking me out :P. Also its not exactly aesthetically pleasing. Will you please recomended something?

A newbie has returned for a second attempt.

Goals to be posted soon.

Are these enlarged pores?

Follicles opening up?

I thought by reading the title they may be more severe than you are describing, I had open skin cracks/tears that required nursing. I applied a topical antibiotic and left things alone until they healed. As the skin becomes stretched the follicles become more “oval”, does that make sense? I doubt if any moisturizer is going to thin the skin to that degree, and if it was genuinely a tear, it would sting and cause pain. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Edit; Yeah, Hobby, pores was the word I meant.

Yeah, what you are desribing sounds about right. And yeah they are getting more oval…
No pain as of yet, but there must be like 15 or so of them on the underside of the shaft now.

I’m going to take a week off PE (not like I’ve been doing it that regularly anyway recently due to circumstances). I’m going to keep applying an anti bacterial cream every night.

So Mr. Nine You had to have nursing? and I will try to get a pic at some point

A newbie has returned for a second attempt.

Goals to be posted soon.

If they are not hurting or very irritated I would not take time off for it. If they are not causing discomfort, I would say the pores are opening up as hobby said. If you are not comfortable posting the pic on the net,feel free to email it to me, if you wish. The pain is instant as soon as fresh flesh is exposed, I am doubting your concerns are that serious, but I could be wrong.

Ok. Well I’ll try to email you a picture tomorrow! Thanks, It doesn’t feel like new flesh is being exposed at all though :S

Any other thoughts/help?

A newbie has returned for a second attempt.

Goals to be posted soon.

I think we need a photo.

I have this too - it happens when you stretch, I think it is to do with the hairs. I don’t think it is any cause for concern.

I have had them for a couple of years and they don’t seem to be much trouble. Trust me - I know exactly what you mean and I have it too, It used to freak me out aswell. I think moisturising will help but I haven’t done it myself.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

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