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Hernia caused by PE?

Hernia caused by PE?

I had been pe’ing about 8 month when I started to het hip/ growing pain long story short I was just diagnosed with a slight hernia. I am wondering if heavy manual stretching and moderate pumping may have caused it?
Any advice ??

Sorry for the double post I just realized I hit 30, and can post over here now.

Not the pumping for sure. I doubt manual stretches can cause it too. I’m not a medical doctor anyway.

Best of luck to you OP

This is one for a doctor, but I would be surprised if there is a relationship. I found out I had an inguinal hernia shortly before I started PE, and I have yet to aggravate it through PE.

I don’t have any pumping experience yet, but unless maybe the cylinder covers part of the inguinal canal and you apply significant negative pressure to a weakened area, it doesn’t seem likely to be a source of hernia. Based on stories of nuts getting sucked into cylinders <wincing> I wonder if this scenario is plausible.

Yes, Pumping can cause a hernia. Its been 8 weeks since my inguinal surgery and its very depressing thinking about the after effects.
I have been doing PE on and off for years but started pumping 5 min a day for about four months. My product of choice was the Bath mate,
Which I regret using due to lack of gauge and intense pressure. After a session where I pushed the limits there was a stinging pain
In the base of my shaft on the left side. After a week break, I decided to resume the pumping. This was not a good idea because
After the 5 minute session the pain returned five times as strong. Two weeks past and during these weeks I noticed strange happenings
In my genitals. Aside from the nagging pain on the left side of my shaft, my cremaster muscle would contract and release throughout the
Day causing worry. Also, there was a strange ache I felt if I laid on my stomach, centering just above my shaft in the pubic area. I decided to go to the urologist after not finding my symptoms in this forum. The urologist palpated my unit and said the pain could be slight trauma to my shaft due to stretching and pumping. He told me to stop doing these exercises and said, “looks like you have a slight inguinal hernia on the left side here. I’ll refer you to a surgeon.”
Fast forward three weeks and I decided to do an open inguinal surgery with a mesh implant.
Symptoms: continue contraction and release of cremaster, ache on side of shaft especially after masturbation, uncomfortable feeling in the pubic area, and a retracting of my penis into my body.
After the surgery my cremaster muscle spasms have ceased but my penis and scrotum have tightened. My penis has lost length and girth when erect and my penis and scrotum do not hang like they use to. They are usually closer to my body.. The strangest happening was the formation of different veins in my penis. Veins were forming areas that were never there. Like I said, its been 8 weeks later and have all these symptoms including the slight ache on the side of my shaft.. I assume it’ll take a couple more months to heal.

Just let this be a cautionary lesson. Be careful. If anybody has any recommendations or advice I’d love to hear it.

Very ironic story.. Wanted to increase length/girth and ended up injuring myself and losing both and changing the vascular make up in my penis..

Guess I learned my lesson

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