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Hematoma spot on my glans

Hematoma spot on my glans

Maybe a little background story:
I’m a mixed guy, so my father is black and my mother is white. I’m quite tinted and so is my penis. I began PE’ing around a year or more ago, and I gained like 2 cm for length and probably 1 cm in girth. But I didn’t do it consistently because of work and private stuff.
Some months ago I started clamping carefully, but now I see like a hematoma on my glans, it could also be a pigment spot because of my mixed origin, got a lot of them on my arms and stuff.
My question is, should I let my glans recover by doing no PE or is stopping with clamping enough? I never pee’d blood or had some other issues.


Abstain from any PE (leaving out Kegel’s) untill it is gone.

I will do that thanks.

The color is getting a little brighter I think. When my penis has a 100% erection the marks aren’t noticable, they are only noticable when it’s flaccid.

Take pics of it so you can compare. A blood spot should go way in two weeks max, if it isn’t fading than is something else.

I compared it with photo’s and it was gladly not a hematoma spot. It’s a discoloration on my penis glans, because of the clamping my glans expanded a lot. And now there are some darkish brown marks on my glans, just like stretch marks.

It does not hurt, I never got bleeding, the pigment of the skin just got darker.

What does this mean for my PE career?

If it’s not a hematoma, then there shouldn’t be any problem. To be safe though, don’t clamp too tight. It’s time, not force, that will give gains.

Lately I have seen two members make horrendous girth gains by clamping pretty loose and edging with great EQ at the same time. 30-60 minutes per session.

Thanks for the comforting answer.

And Walter isn’t 30-60min per session a bit too long?

You can do 3-6 sets of 5-10 minutes each.

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