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I am currently experiencing ED from what I had assumed to be overtraining. I can not manage much of an erection at all. I have not PE’d in a week. I went to a urologist friday and again today. Today they used an ultrasound device to check pulse all around the base of my penis to make sure I had blood supply and said they would be calling me for a follow up to discuss the ED.

My routine was pump 15min., jelq 10 min, pump 10 min., jelq 10 min., pump 10 min. I was jelqing at 80-90%. I worked up to this gradually. Maybe not gradually enough, but gradually all the same. I had been using generic viagra for my workouts so I don’t know how long the ED has been there.

I am wondering what the longest period things could take to “perk back up”? Searching, I have found where people go 2-4 days and things return to normal but it’s been ~5 days for me since I’ve had anything close to a hard-on.

Thanks for any help.

Why would anyone need viagra for a routine based on pumping and jelqing?

How many times a week did you do this routine with generic viagra and for how long have you been doing it?

I used the viagra for about 3-4 weeks 2 on 1 off except for the last week I went 5 days straight with a two day break because of the way my wife’s period ran. We had sex on the second night of that 2 day break which was saturday night (w/ viagra) then I PE’d sunday night and monday night. Tuesday and wednesday my erections were weak, thursday weaker, until now almost non-existent. It had crossed my mind that I may be becoming addicted to the viagra in some way, but I searched and could not find any info on such a phenomenon.

I was using the viagra because I thought it may add engorgment for girth. If the Good Lord gets me through this, the only PE I will consider ever again is wet jelqing @ no more than 70% with plenty of rest.

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I guess I just don’t understand the logic of using viagra during a workout. You are manually doing what viagra is supposed to do. Could someone explain this?

Some (ex) members were kind of promoting using viagra for girth workouts. I can understand how using a little viagra might help you stay hard for an entire girthsession. However a pump does the same. I guess your body got used to both. Wouldn’t surprise me if it takes 1-2 weeks to get back to normal, but I doubt you did permanent damage.

Thanks for the replies. I will be taking atleast 1-2 weeks off, and hopefully there is no permanent damage. You are correct about the viagra helping to stay hard throughout the entire session. When I pumped, though I would enter the tube erect, I would sometimes exit semi-erect. The idea was to kind of carry the pump into the jelq. Staying as naturally erect as possible while in the pump also cut down on the donut effect. I will not be using viagra for anything other than sex in the future (hopefully I’ll have a future with sex) though. I know now that it seriously impedes your body’s ability to tell you you’ve had enough.

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Thought I would update this thread so that anyone whose willy goes dead who came across it could read the outcome. Everything seems to be back to normal. I was able to have sex Sunday night, and last night did some very mild jelqing. That was a very scary couple of weeks.


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