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i got one of those electric vacuum pumps and have used it for 2 days….i am uncut and now the forskin is tight and sore. i cant mastubate…its to sore…..i am using A&D oitment to heal it. am i going to always have this problem when pumping?? uncut101

Is the foreskin hugely swollen? Take a break it will go down quickly, try to avoid disturbing it while it is in this state as the tendancy to create areas of scabby skin is high.

I think some guys pull back the foreskin and hold it with a cockring before pumping. If the skin is held tight I don’t see why you would suffer more than a cut guy will from donuts.

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i dont see how to hold forskin back when the pump sucks the whole dick into the tube?? it is going down…..i would love to jackoff but it is to sore…..thanks. uncut101


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