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help wrapping to remove discoloaration


help wrapping to remove discoloaration

I have been gradually noticeing more and more discoloration. There seems to be a dark like along the botom of my penis. Also there is a ring at the base where the skin before it is lighter. It was like this from doing the sqeezes, but I have taken a week off and it is still there. I am going to try some wrapping a small ace bandage at the base of my penis. Would this help? I read a post about wrapping to remove discoloration, hope I am doing it right. Any advice.

dark line

I have had a dark line like string for many years. Now that I’m trying to stretch my balls I find it difficult as it almost seems like a ligament. I’m glad you asked the question, me too! Is there a doctor in the house?

Larry and bertblakoe,

I don’t know how extensively you have read through the forums but a good place to start for this issue is the “Wrapping to remove discolouration” thread started by ThunderSS followed by the even more detailed and informative “Synergistic effect of wrapping…” thread started by Merlin. Both are in the Hanger’s Forum.

If you want some background on what my experiences have been with discolouration also check out the “Why hot wrap when…” thread found among the new threads above.

Hopefully this wrapping approach will work for all that are experiencing the negative aspects of pe.

I am almost ready to go shopping for raw honey as Baccart pointed out in a recent thread started by Ropeend. (sorry for any incorrectly spelled names)

Good luck,



Sorry , I missed the point you made about already having read about wrapping. Have you read the “Wrapping for Discolouration” thread started by ThunderSS and the “Synergy and its effect on wrapping…” thread started by Merlin in the Hanger’s Forum?

Anyway, I am using an ace bandage also since I have not been able to find Thera Band. I warm up and then wrap the bandage loosely around my flacid unit about 6 or 7 times. I make sure it is across a 2 -3 inch area and closer to the base since my discolouration is closer to the head. It is kind of tricky but I make a simple loop,like a knot used to tie shoe laces, and keep tightening as I continue to wrap around the shaft until I feel the right amount of pressure. When the unit swells at the base I kegel and squeeze the blood through the wrap to the other side and stimulate it to swell even more. I often don’t need to stimulate since it starts to swell on its own. I check it for colour and temperature every few minutes and stimulate and kegel if needed to keep it big and tighten/untighten the knot a little if necessary. During the wrapping session I massage arnica into the discoloured area. When I unwrap after 30 minutes I gently massage the unit to encourage fresh blood flow and end with a warm down session .

Hopefully this wrapping approach will work for all that are experiencing this negative aspect of pe but please read the posts noted above since they are far better in description than my brief paragraph above. I had to read them over and over because there are so many crucial details that kept slipping by.

Good luck,


BTW, Stillwantmore22, if you read this, how has your discolouration problem turned out. How helpful was the wrapping and arnica in the long run?

Thanks torso, I have to say that my discolorazion really worsend when I quit doing the hotwrap. My gians kept coming, but so did the discoloration. I guess I am taking some time off currently and will try the new tactics when I start back up.

can some one please help me with my discoloration?

Ok, I read the thread about wrapping to remove discoloration, and I read about three pages into the synergistic effects of wrapping thread. I was wondering if anyone could give me some direct advice about what to do about my discoloration. I have never done any hanging, I pretty much to mega sqeezes and Ukis along with jelqs. My discoloration is for the most part along the bottom side of the penis, all the way from the base to the glans. The whole penis is a little bit darker, when i was doing PE i thought it was just a blood pump all day long. It looks a little odd because there is a faint line where my first tounaquite hand goes. If wrapping would help me get rid of this, where do I wrap. I read enough about it to understand the philosophy behind it. Has anyone else gotten good results from the wrapping to remove discoloration. Just a thought, I got most of my discoloration when I decided to not do the hotwrap.

I again read wrapping to remove discoloration thread and read about three pages of the synergistic effects thread. I am still not sure how to wrap for my particular discoloration. I am still waiting for some more info on this. I think the issue deserves some more looking into. Does eveyone get discoloration, and how many of those got it to go away completely?

Some one please help

Ok, I have read some more posts on the subject including all those you mentioned. I put a thread in the hangers forum on the issue. Havnt got any replys on it and dont think I will. I dont think my discoloration is getting much better and it is pretty much freaking my out. I think I am going to call the doctor tomorrow. I am a bit imbarrased to talk with them about it. I am really really worried about it. I dont want to stop PE and the gains were going so well. But I dont want to have a completely discolored and ugly penis and just hope I dont lose my size. I am going to look into the arnica, but I didnt really want to have to resort to that. I feel like I would be covering up a scar with that stuff and causing more scar doing any PE. Some one please help me out here.

Hey larry,

Arnica doesn’t “cover up” anything. Get some and give it a try it may help. Hell try the honey also.

You say you have read the “discoloration” threads, what don’t you understand about how to do it??

Read this post a couple of times:


This should help you to understand how the wrap actually works.

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Thunder, thanks for your reply. I had already read that post a few times. I do understand the theory behind it. That was a great thread, the best I seen on discoloration. But there are a few questions left unanswered. When should I do the wrap? Is it right after the PE workout? How long should it take doing the wrap for me to notice that my discoloration may be going away? Would I notice it after the first time or would take weeks? How many peole has used this method besides bib and gotten results to help remove discoloration? Do I apply the wrap before the discoloration or right over it? Most importantly, can wrapping cause more dicoloration? I am more worried about doing this and making my discoloration worse. Thanks for your post thunder, I really dont want to feel alone on this one. I am sort of losing a little sleep over it. I am waiting for a nurse to call me on the topic, I am trying to speak with a doctor. I let you guys know what she says.

Hey larry,

Do the wrap right after your workout.

It will probably take quite awhile before you notice an improvement in the discoloration, it took a long time to get there so it will take some time for it to disappear.

I don’t really know of anyone else that has used the wrap to remove discoloration and stuck with it. If someone has, please speak up.

Apply the wrap before the discoloration, you want that area to swell.

If done correctly, I don’t think the wrapping will increase your discoloration, not from my understanding of it anyway. Just be careful and pay close attention to circulation!

Let us know how it goes, if you do decide to try it.

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I am in the same boat as you are!! Really!!! So take it easy.

You state that you are freaking out but has your sex drive suffered? Keep this up and it will.

My routine consisted of only dry jelqing and I abandoned it on July 25, 2002 when I really took a good look and discovered the extent of the discolouration on the underside and sides of my unit and payed close attention to the change in sensation along the affected area. Either the dry jelqing is to blame (I have no proof since guys are not posting about this subject… well, what’s new) or, as I originally thought, it was my dropping the warm up and warm downs from my routine (again no feedback from the community… gee, thanks guys…).

I have already lost a lot of sleep over this. I have not had a decent erection since August 3, 2002. No morning wood… nothing. I can get an erection if I stimulate it but maintaining it with my girlfriend has been very difficult. At first I thought it was my PC muscle being out of shape or overly tired but I was always able to have very athletic intercourse for over an hour without major trouble. BTW, the PC muscle can be overworked guys. I found out just like Thermo did that you can really strain it and then your erections are weak! The problem here though is ANXIETY and CONVINCING myself that something is wrong.

Your subconscious, like mine, is surely taking a beating right now! I am trying to keep it all together by trying to return to a normal sleep pattern, maintaining a good diet and thus restoring my digestion to normal, chasing frightening thoughts of permanent dick damage from my mind and most importantly leaving the damn dick alone. You are on your way to developing a complex as I already have. The worry will kill you dude. Learn from my mistakes.

If I were you I would stop your regular routine for a month and instead warm up, wrap according to Bib’s instructions and warm down. You may want to gently start AI stretches in the meantime and see how that works for you. Also, Arnica is a homeopathic remedy that is used to heal bruising by increasing your bodies healing capabilities in the area of application.

Do not wrap over the discolouration. I do not think you will be able to make this area swell enough if you wrap over it.

Lastly, try alternating a cool pack and a soak in a cup of hot water. The ice will cause the veins to constrict and expel the blood from the area and the heat would fill the area with fresh blood. Alternating this enough may force out some of the dry blood.

If you go to the doctor just tell him that you have been squeezing the unit upon ejaculation in an attempt to improve the enjoyment and you didn’t realize until later that you may have been hurting yourself by milking it erect.

Please share his opinions or those of a urologist, if you do go, as I for one am interested in the diagnosis and prognosis.

I stopped wrapping last week because I could not get any privacy. I will start up again soon I hope.

I have left if pretty much alone and the discolouration has faded ever so gently. I would say about 15% better so there is some hope. The bad sensations have left the area as well.

Perhaps I am in a negative frame of mind but none of this seems to have been worth it. For the record, I’m very fortunate to have a good starting length of 7 .25”BPE because I jelqed for 8 ½ months and have not gained anything in length. I did gain .25” in girth. Time will tell if this is permanent and if the discolouration is as well.


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discoloration and PE

Torso, I loved your post. It seems we are much alike. I got most of my dicoloration when I decided to stop doing a warm up and cool down. I figured I will see what happens. I thought the worst thing is that I wouldnt get gains, but I did. My girth went up alot, about 1/4 inch. Length stayed the same. I didnt pay much attention to my growing discoloration, mostly and darkest along the bottom of my penis. I thought it would go away, because it had gone away almost intirely in the past. I was getting good gains, I was more focused on this. Once before I experienced discoloration on the bottom of my penis, I was still doing warm ups. I quit PE because I wanted to ensure that I didnt have any STDs first. I quit cold turkey for about 2 1/2 months. My discoloration was almost compeltely gone. I was also beating off like crazy. But the recent discoloration is not only on the bottom, but I have a contant after sqeeze color. The ring were I applied my first ok grip at base shows a line, before it there is white untouched skin. After it there is darker skin, doesnt look bad, but the ring and change in color looks bad. I do have hopes that my discoloration will go away as it did before. But I am affriad that PE will cause it any time I start back up. I agree that this was not at all worth it. I was not really warned about it. O yea, I forgot to add, I didnt quit my recent PE because of the discoloration, it was because the skin was rubbed raw. After I stoped PE competely I really started to notice the discoloration, maybe it got much worse then. I have just recently started to lose sleep over it, I think it has to do with the lack of attention given to the issue by the sites I go to. I really started to feel all alone on the issue. I posted a thread in the hangers forum on it, I think it will be completely knocked off without one reply. It seems people arent interested in things as much unless you are talking about how you got great gains. It may just be easier for people to think that wouldnt happen to them, I guess I am no different. My penis is completely functional, I get horny every second and errection all the time. I could beat off three times a day sometimes if I let myself think about it. Morning wood is exeptionally good. I am actually amazed at my hard on sometimes due to the girth I guess. I dont know if this will last though. Before when my discoloration went away, it went as my girth went. Maybe they are related. Most of all, I am scared that I will not have the goal cock of my dreams. I dont want to be stuck with an average penis. I want the girl that I end up with to have everything she dreams. It will haunt me to think that she would prefer my penis to be bigger. I guess it would haunt us all, none of us deserve this. We have got to figure something out here. Torso, I am very suprised you havnt seen a doctor yet. Why havnt you went. And when you go, tell them the truth, dont make something up that might sound similar. I have already told a doctor what I do, yea its imbarrasing, but we both know that he would have done it to and this type of activity is normal. I am affraid to try the wraping to remove discoloration becuase I think it may make the situation worse, wrapping seems similar to the sqeezes. I am starting to think that my last hope of PE may be pumping. I am assuming discoloration is less likely under very low pressure. I will probably give it a few months to see what happens to my dick when I leave it alone. Thanks for your post torso, everybody keep them coming if you know anything or experiencing anything similar.

Hey larry and Torso,

You guys are making it sound like no one ever mentioned discoloration. It has been knocked around this forum and PE Forums for quite awhile. I will admit that gains are talked about more, but that is human nature isn’t it?? To look at the positive more than the negative??

Torso, I went back and reread your posts. If you have tenderness and swollen veins in the same area as the discoloration, a trip to the Doc is probably a good idea. Just to find out for sure what the problem is. I think I would also suspend all PE except PC exercising until then.

This discoloration is something that does need more attention paid to it and more guys trying to figure out what causes it, and more importantly, how to get rid of it. Or at least keep it to a minimum.

And as far as the hot wraps before and after exercising to help the blood return to where it is supposed to be, I am wondering if it doesn’t in fact cause more blood to accumulate in the area. If your circulation is boosted by the hot wrap, won’t that cause more blood to enter the area also?? Is there a way to aid the removal without adding to the problem?? Hell, I don’t know for sure but it is something to think about.

larry, you had a discoloration problem before but still went back to doing PE and started doing squeezes?? And the discoloration returned?? You have to take some of the blame there fella. It was a decision that you made. Did you do any looking around for discoloration posts the first time? Maybe you did, I seem to remember you talking about it before.

Let’s stop pointing fingers and see what we can figure out to fix the problem.

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Hey guys,

Modemmer had good luck with a fading cream he used. See Skin Discoloration

The active ingredient in most fading creams is hydroquinone. I read this is available in concentrations up to 2% OTC (in the US) and higher with a prescription.

I haven’t spent much time wrapped as Bib described - maybe 10 or 15 hours. So far it hasn’t helped the darkening I got from intense squeezes. I haven’t tried fading cream yet.

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