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help wrapping to remove discoloaration


Re: more on discoloration

>I have yet to see a thread where someone got rid of their bruising once it lasted for about a week (except maybe for Bib). Can someone tell us here if this discoloration ever goes away , particularly if you stop PE? or if you don’t stop PE? I think its important to have this information. A bruised, discolored penis is a pretty steep price to pay for a larger penis.<

There is some evidence the darkening lightens over time with abstinence from PE, at least for some guys. Posts are sparse because most guys who stop PE don’t check back in later. Here’s one.

>So, when do I decide that this bruising just isnt going to go away, and to just start doing PE again? I’m not sure, perhaps 1 month. In the meantime I have stopped PE alltogether and I am going to follow the treatments above.<

Mine didn’t lighten at all after a month off. I don’t like the darkening either, but 1) I already have it, why complain?, and 2) I’ll take a bigger, discolored dick over a small, pretty one. I’d like to have a big, pretty dick, but that’s not on the list of options. :( I don’t know why some of us are much more prone to discoloration than others.

>I’ll keep anyone posted if anyone’s interested.

Please do.

>Does anyone have any experience to add to this, or can anyone add to possible treatments or methods of prevention?

What helped me the most was avoiding building pressure under stretched skin:

I have discoloration from two handed squeezes, but I figured out why it happened and solved the problem. I’ve been doing them again and haven’t had any further discoloration.

The trick is to not build pressure under stretched skin. Always keep the skin loose between your hands. Pull some skin forward as you set your tourniquet grip, and pay attention as you squeeze. You may need to move your hands slightly closer together as the shaft bulges. DO NOT pull them apart. By always maintaining some skin slack I don’t even get red dots from intense squeezes anymore. Oh, maybe one or two little tiny dots occasionally, but nothing like the big nasty blotches that eventually turned into my permanent(?) discoloration.

Does anyone have pictures of their discoloration? I might take a picture for you guys, so we can compair or something. Mine is over the whole penis from where I grip at the base while doing Uli’s all the way down the shaft but it’s not quite as bad at the glans.

The color isn’t TOOO bad but there’s such a huge contrast between the area at the base where my grip doesn’t push any presure.. hence no discoloration. So it’s like a ring at the base where I have normal skin color. I baught fake tan cream but it’s not the same color as my discoloration… this really sucks because I’m having a hard time cementing my gains and I’m starting to realize that persistance, almost every day hour long sessions are important for cementing gains.

I have both Alpha Lipoic cream and Hydroquinone cream.. will need to keep applying these for maybe a month to see if they work. I’m thinking the alpha lipoic acid needs to be the special R-ALA stuff.. more bioactive or something.

Originally Posted by Jimmy_rm

Does anyone have pictures of their discoloration?

Discoloration from Hanging

Originally Posted by hobby
Opinions seem to vary about the permanency of this pigmentation. It may or may not clear up on its own, but if it does it will take a long time - many months. Laser treatment was effective for eliminating skin discoloration caused by iron injections. There is a pdf file about this at

I remember Regular White Guy (I think that was his name) saying one time that he was getting laser hair removal on his shaft. He said they hit one spot and he had excruciating pain, but later on the skin in that area turned 100% back to it’s normal colour later on (there may have been some peeling involved).

I’m assuming that the laser destroyed whatever component of the skin cells that were causing discolouration.

I remember reading that many years ago and it has stuck with me since then. I’ve since considered buying a laser hair removal kit from amazon and trying it myself.

Ok for anyone curious, I am highly considering buying this thing:…/dp/B075CQG667/

There are many of these, but Braun is a brand name I recognize and it has very good reviews. Only thing is that it uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) which is not a laser. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work for skin discolouration however.

Some info on IPL:

So I know this whole thing sounds crazy… using this on my cock for discolouration, but I like the idea of a one time treatment which goes to the root of the issue. Also, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but I’ve done skin peeling treatments on my cock for discolouration, and I’m pretty sure they’ve cause some hair growth on parts of my shaft. Very annoying. So part of the reason I want to try this is for that as well.

If anyone has any input before I buy this that would be great.

Ended up buying it used from ebay. Will report back soon on how it worked.


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