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help wrapping to remove discoloaration

More on hydroquinone

Today I got a 3 oz. jar of 2% hydroquinone “Skin Discoloration Fade Cream” at Wal-Mart ($5.97). I’ll report back in a few weeks/months what I think of its effectiveness. has some good info about hydroquinone creams. Salient points:

1) 2% concentration is enough.

2) “When beginning treatment on hydroquionone [sic], melanin excretion may temporarily increase. A decrease in skin colour usually becomes noticeable in about four weeks. However, the time of onset varies from three weeks to three months. Depigmentation lasts from two to six months, but it [sic] reversible.”

Is that the stuff Micheal jackson bathes nightly in?


So far I haven’t had any luck with the hydroquinone cream. I was pretty good about applying it once or twice a day for the first few weeks, then I tapered off a bit and missed a day here and there. I’m taking this month off from PE and will use the cream regularly again 2X each day. I doubt it will help, but I’ll give it another month anyway.

I think there are several types and mechanisms of discoloration. Mine is a blackish color on the sides and, to a lesser degree, on the underside of my dick. It was intense two-handed squeezes that caused it. The darkening is somewhat blotchy. I don’t think mine is from hyperpigmentation.

Wrapping to remove discoloration depends on prolonged, mild internal pressure to cause superficial fluid build-up to flush out the scum. However, this is a passive approach in a sense because internal pressure is what deposited the mess there in the first place. I’m not saying wrapping won’t work, just that it hasn’t seemed to work for some of us with more persistent discoloration. Vacuum pumping also draws fluid to the surface, and IMO seems to do essentially the same thing as wrapping. What else can we try?

How about pressure pumping? If internal pressure forced the nasties where they shouldn’t be, perhaps external pressure can coax them back into a position where the body can remove them. Has anyone tried this?


I only skimmed through most of this article and it does refer to events that occured quite a while ago but the findings are applicable to the product hydroquinone. Basically it doesn’t effect a noticeable change on most people.

I saw a dermatologist yesterday. It was a rushed appointment (typical!) as he had patients scheduled every few minutes. I explained to him that it may have been caused by fully erect squeezes. He responded that he had seen many patients that were very rough with their penises during sex and “other?” activities and that the discolouration was more or less permanent.

He felt that it was quite noticeable but stated that “some” men have “some” discolouration in that area and that I shouldn’t worry about it. I asked if squeezing the penis when erect was dangerous and whether I could damage it by doing this or repeatedly drawing more blood into it and he said he didn’t see why I would!?!?! Strange…

I recently heard about a good urologist. I will try to book an appointment and maybe get some straight facts about the issues involved.

I know that placing the unit in a cup of hot water definitely helps remove most fresh discolouration from horses, ulis, sueezes, etc. if you catch it right away and end the session as soon as the discolouration blotches appear. With this in mind I’m currently trying 2in2002’s “warm down and massage” technique. Too early to say if it works on long term discolouration.

On the bright side, I have seen about 30% of the discolouration disappeared after 70 days and I am hopeful that when I start up with lubricated jelqing I will be able to jelq past the discolouration and “loosen” some of it up so that the body can reabsorb. Wishful thinking? Maybe.

I just have to motivate myself to start up a new period of “stealth” PE.


That is pretty discouraging to hear them say it is more or less permanent. This is not what I am wanting to hear. The good news is that mine is getting less and less noticable, but it is still there. I decided to let myself tan over it in the tanning bed. I had been covering my whole penis because I didnt want the skin to become more dark. I think it is better to just not think about the whole subject and let it fade. This assumes that we are not doing stuff to make it worse. Torso, I thought that he might at least tell you what caused the discoloration, is it in the skin, or blood underneath it? I think I will be ok if I just leave my penis alone. It has been fading well. I am going to pick up a pump in about 2 and half months. I am tempted to start doing it earlier if it could help the discoloration heal up, but then again could it make it worse? I have a few other things to consider though, skin rubbed raw and wont heal, jock itch, and a few skin tabs. PE has not been treating me well. Overall, I am not so worried about the whole situation, it shouldnt affect me in the long run. It seems there are many guys reporting great gains from pumping routines, with now side effects. Maybe we should take this as a lesson. I deffinitely think sqeezing causes discoloration which for most is unacceptable.

Torso, I have to say that if this discoloration worries you be more careful with you new routines. If it is pretty much experimental, which most the stuff on here is, you should be aware of all the negative possible outcomes. Pumping is pretty old, maybe all the kinks have been worked out of that method.

Good luck guys, keep me updated.
Thanks for the info hobby, Let us know how that cream works. I am thinking of trying Vit-K oil, which has done wonders for my stretch marks.

Giving up on the cream

I don’t think my discoloration is from excessive melanin production. I’m now firmly in the “blood scum” or “rusty dick” camp.

From what I’ve learned so far, hemosiderin is the most likely culprit. It is one of the forms of iron storage (ferritin being the other) the body uses.

When red blood cells get forced into places they don’t belong the body breaks them down. Hemosiderin can be left behind. I’m still not clear whether hemosiderin is released directly from the decomposed hemoglobin, or if ferritin is freed and then converted by enzymes to hemosiderin. The only reason this may be relevant is I’ve read that vitamin C helps block the conversion of ferritin to hemosiderin. IF a conversion is required to cause discoloration, vitamin C could possibly be helpful in preventing it.

Torso, if you see another doctor ask him if this is the cause of your discoloration. You’ll probably have to tell him you do PE so he understands the pressures your dick has endured. Otherwise, he may rule out the possibility because most penises aren’t subject to the stresses we impose. :) has a picture of this type of discoloration about a third of the way down the page. It looks very similar to the darkening I have on the bottom and sides of the middle third of my shaft. (No, our dicks aren’t suffering from chronic venous insuffiency.)

Opinions seem to vary about the permanency of this pigmentation. It may or may not clear up on its own, but if it does it will take a long time - many months. Laser treatment was effective for eliminating skin discoloration caused by iron injections. There is a pdf file about this at

I went to see a urologist about a number of my problems. It seems that he really didnt know anything. Maybe he was just blowing me off. He really didnt have anything to say about the discoloration. He said he doesnt know what it is, some guys are born with it. I asked him about pumps, he said they were safe but he doesnt really know much about them for enlargements.

Recently from trying the heating and massaging techniques I have has some pretty bad soreness at the base of my penis, or maybe underneath that toward the pelvic bone. I am most worried about this and he also said he doesnt know what that is, take some IB-profen. He said that he didnt feel anything.

This really makes me think that I am on my own here. Although you guys seem to know much more about it then he did.

What causes discoloration?

I thought maybe I had posted this some where else though, but cant find it. I was wondering with all of us that have experienced discoloration. If we would all post what we think the cause was then we would really know what to avoid when doing PE. I really think the best way to deal with discoloration is to avoid getting it in the first place.

I got mine from a combination of Horse 440s and lack of warm up/hotwrap.

There’s been a lot of discussion about this. The thought being that its mainly down to squeezes.

I got nasty dicoloration from a mixture of Horses and Sadsaks done before my penis was properly conditioned by jelqing.

Larry, et al,

my discolouration was caused by dry, pinch Jelqs, mimicking the power Jelq device, on the sides of my unit, squeezing as hard as my stronger than average hands could muster, at 80/90% erect and not warming up/down. I’m sure that Ulis contribute to this problem but I rarely did them.

FYI, after 75 days of no PE I started a 1 day on 1off Jelq routine. I have found that even with Vaseline and/or baby oil I can’t avoid pulling my skin towards the head which causes the blood to pool in my discoloured area. This has added new patches of discolouration.

Soaking in hot water for a prolonged period of time following a session results in the immediate, dramatic fading/dispersal of even the worst big, nasty blood spots and other fresh discolouration. Not doing so cements at least some of the fresh discolouration. I have realized that the longer I soak it the better. The hotter the water the better. Just don’t scald yourself. Overall I think it looks a little worse than before I re-started but I am managing to keep most of the new discolouration at bay and I know now that if I stop for good it will marginally improve. Hope this helps.

BTW, my appointment with a urologist is tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to return with some useful information.

Appointment with urologist did not go well.

He does not believe that the discolouration resulted from nor that any positive benefit could be realized from this activity!

Indeed, he was not willing to debate the topic of improved sexual function.

He rushed me out and accused me of being a nut! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, what else should I have expected?
The joke’s on me and the rest of the suckers.

Ironically, he believes that Jelqing cannot harm the penis.
Same goes for erect squeezes.

Well then, I suggest losing the warmups and full erect squeezes at maximum intensity for all!



Disappointing, but not surprising. Being a doctor doesn’t automatically make a person intelligent, knowledgeable or even competent at medicine for that matter.

Torso, the doctors I have spoken to about it sort of said the same thing, that I would have a hard time harming my penis. The urologist thought maybe I was born like this although I was telling him I knew what caused it. Currently though my problems are much worse, I have some sort of pain at the base of my penis and under. It is not PE related because I have not been doing PE for months now. I am getting a camera stuck down my P hole tomorrow. This thing really sucks.

more on discoloration

Hi All,

This thread seems to have been inactive for some time but I found it extremely helpful for me because I am also suffering from discoloration, and really wondering

a) what my options are for treating it
b) if its permanent, or how long it lasts
c) what are the best ways to prevent getting (more of) it, and can one continue with PE, jelqing , hanging etc. and get gains without getting more bruising.

a) I gather the best methods are:
1. Arnica (at Walgreen’s or pharmacy)
2. Hydroquinone cream (but from this thread I am gathering that this does not work! at least for some people, has anyone had good experience with it?)
3. Wet or dry hot wraps . Wet _may_ be better, e.g. dick in a cup of hot H2O, hot washcloth.
3. Vita K fade cream, possibly.
4. Stop PE. Or, possibly- do light jelqing to stimulate blood flow?
5. Wrapping at the base of the penis, to stimulate surface blood flow to flush out these supposed iron deposits. This has apparantly worked like a charm for Bib.
6. Light massage may also help.
7. Possibly there exists Laser treatment for this. Has anyone gone that far?

b) I dont know. I just dont know from the information that’s in these threads. I have yet to see a thread where someone got rid of their bruising once it lasted for about a week (except maybe for Bib). Can someone tell us here if this discoloration ever goes away , particularly if you stop PE? or if you don’t stop PE? I think its important to have this information. A bruised, discolored penis is a pretty steep price to pay for a larger penis.

c) Prevention- hot wraps, hot wraps, hot wraps. Dont be stupid- wrap the shit out of your dick especially if you’re just starting.

When I was starting off PE I was doing serious hot wraps for 10 minutes before & 5 minutes after. I was able to do horse440 squeezes at full erection with impunity. I got 1 inch of girth gains at my peak (unfortunately only about half of that was cemented). Then because of job circumstances I took off for about 3 months. I came back into it without the long hot wrap sessions I had used in the beginning. The result? Possibly permanent purple-black bruising on half of my circumcision scar and a thrombosed vein. Stupid. Just fucking stupid but now I know.

lump- injury, (from horse’s stretch?) what should I do..

I think I got most of the bruising actually from dry jelqs & uli’s. I think I got the thrombosed vein from horse squeezes.

More on prevention- Possibly vitamin C may help prevent the iron deposits from forming.

So, when do I decide that this bruising just isnt going to go away, and to just start doing PE again? I’m not sure, perhaps 1 month. In the meantime I have stopped PE alltogether and I am going to follow the treatments above.

I’ll keep anyone posted if anyone’s interested.

Does anyone have any experience to add to this, or can anyone add to possible treatments or methods of prevention? I wonder whatever happened to Larry- he may have posted in another thread but I haven’t checked yet.


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