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help wrapping to remove discoloaration

not meaning to point fingers

Thunder, I did not mean to point fingers. I agree with everything you said. I let my discoloration go because I didnt understand the seroisness of it and I still dont. I still expect this to go away in a matter of months without any PE. At times it does look alot better and I have no erectional disfunctions, so I consider myself lucky. Do you have discoloration also? I was wondering how many of us suffer from this. You mentioned the hotwrap and how it relates to discoloration. I firmly believe that it prevents it, from experience, but may not stop it. I think torso aggreed in his post.

I know my last post may have sounded resentful, I realized this after I posted it. I didnt mean it this way. I am just a bit disappointed to be in this situation, but not directed toward anyone. I also really loved PE and the idea behind it. I am more disappointed to have to let my old methods and mainstream methods from lots of places go. I will probably be back in a few months pumping.

I use three creams as of now to help keep the discoloration down. If I was to stop PE and still use the creams the discoloration will all go away.

After a work out I apply a Vita K fade cream.

In the mornings and nights I apply a 2% hydroquinone cream, but make sure you only apply it to the discolored areas. This will bleach the skin back to its normal color. But it will also make your normal skin lighter.

And when I just think about it, I apply the fade cream that my sister gave me, you can find it here…

Skin Discoloration

Since I have been doing this the discolored areas are not getting any darker, but since I’m still actively doing pe its not really fading ether.

Here is a link describing the condition……gmentation.html


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What I have come up with to this problem is this…

When we PE for months on end we cause hyperpigmentation of the cells in the skin. Its not blood, its an increase production of pigment melanin from inflammation we cause to the skin when we jelq, pump, or do squeezes! This will always happen, but some are not affected, or the intensity of the workout is not sever enough to cause inflammation of the skin. So the best thing to do is understand the condition and treat it accordingly!


In the previously two above posts you wrote about a 2% hydroquinone cream, but make sure you only apply it to the discolored areas. This will bleach the skin back to its normal color. But it will also make your normal skin lighter.

This may ssem dumb, but would it get rid of frenckles on the shoulders? I have them and it annoys the hell out of me.


Yes it will!



Hydroquinone doesn’t “bleach” dark skin like hydrogen peroxide does to hair. Instead, it blocks the production of melanin. So it makes sense that it would lighten all skin to which is it applied - probably affecting the skin with the highest production of melanin the most, e.g., freckles. I’d think the effect would go away after you stop using the cream and melanin returns to normal levels, though I’m not sure. Of course, “normal” may be lesser pigmentation than the area had before you applied the cream.

Modemmer raises an interesting point. Is our discoloration from true hyperpigmentation casued by swelling from PE, or is it from “blood scum” getting lodged where it shouldn’t be? Could the darkening be from left over iron that doesn’t get washed away when the body clears out the dead blood cells? Maybe we have rusty dicks…ha.

We could sure use a urologist and a dermatologist on the board.

The problem that I have with accepting hyperpigmentation is that every scar on my body is hypopigmented, lighter than the surrounding skin and resists tanning almost completely.

So hyperpigmentation brought on by scar tissue/tissue damage doesn’t fit in my case.

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Scars on most of my body are the same as yours, but I wonder why circumcision scars darken instead of losing pigment. Even pre-PE my circ scar was darker than the surrounding skin. Penis skin must have its own characteristics.

Hey hobby,

That is true in my case also. The circ scar which was 23 years old, so by no means fresh, when I started PE was darker. Good point. I had not thought of that particular scar, the most obvious one.

I am still inclined to lean to the displaced blood though. More thought/discussion/research needed!


How about throwing this discussion at your urologist friend? He has done PE long enough to have had to deal with discoloration.

If he wants a fee, tell him I’ll put it in with your moderator check the next time I get around to sending them out. j/k

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

LOL… I get a check too ;)

Well anyway back to reality :) My circ scar is dark also, but the creams I’m using are helping on all aspects of the discoloration I see on henry. On my days off I see a difference and it is noticeable. I don’t think these creams would work on anything other than hyperpigmentation.

I did not have this color change on a drastic level pre/pumping. I think the use of the pump over the 4 months now causes inflammation in the skin resulting in hyperpigmentation. I was trying everything, heat, wraps, cold, heat and wraps but they just kept getting darker. But after I started the treatment for hyperpigmentation I seen that the discoloration stopped getting darker, and on the days off they start to fade a bit.



Q: Hello Doctor. I was wondering if Hydroquinone 2% or 4% cream can be applied to the penis to reduce the sight of circumcision scarring? I have dark areas of pigmentation where the circumcision scar is and thought this might be a good solution to fade it. Thank you!

A. Hydroquinone 2% applied once a day should be enough for lightening the pigmented areas. If the response is not good in 3 to 4 weeks stop the application and consult a dermatologist.

A web search also turned up creams containing glabridin, which is present in licorice extract, as the active ingredient. Godiva’s site ( claims glabridin is 16 times more effective than hydroquinone. I’m skeptical of this claim, but it might be worth a try if hydroquinone doesn’t work.

Really good to see this post starting to get active. From stoping PE all together, I can really start to see my discoloration fade a bit. I remember when i went to the tanning bed that the discoloration may have worsened. The pigment skin things seems more logical to me than the blood theory. However, my skin could have gottne more darkened just by adding a small tan over the area that had darkened by blood. So this doesnt really add credibility to one theory over the other. Discoloration in general seems to me like a scaring type thing. If it is just pigment than maybe it isnt. I am assuming that your body has to continue to produce pigment at the same rate to maintain color.

Actually now that I think of it, both theories on blood and skin pidment may be accurate. It seems I may have two different types of discoloration. The darker which is on the bottom of my penis I think is due to pigment. Then my penis has maintained a post sqeeze look, with the lighter ring at the base. This is probably due to blood. Looking on the bright side, the later discoloration looks very natural and not to dark, exept for the lighter ring at the base.

I would still like to see the thread get more active on the pumpers forum. I would like to do a method of PE that would not bring side effects that I have to control. Thanks guys for all your info, if my discoloration doesnt continue to fade, I will get some of that cream.

Larry and Thunder,

based on the previous days’ posts I know that I’m flogging a dead horse but I would just like to say that I did not intend to be pointing a finger at anyone.

You know by now that I’m willing to freely give information and expect nothing in return. I don’t expect people to have answers or even give them up freely. I will figure this out on my own if I have to… I guess I just wanted to know if I was alone.

Like everyone else, I started out learning from mistakes. The issue here is that I was unaware that discolouration would sneak up on me. I thought from my research, you know I read a lot, that hanger’s and those involved with uli’s were the ones prone to discolouration.

I experienced blood spots, decreased erection strength and pain related to too much kegeling, soreness from jelqing without enough enough rest days, sore ligs that scared me away from stretching, a thrombosed vein that still comes back from prolonged erection and/or rough handling by my girlfriend and my favourite… discolouration. BTW, a uniform darkening of my unit would not bother me.

Having said this, I think it would be a good idea to add discolouration to the list of possible side effects/injuries in the newbies FAQ section. What do you say Thunder?
Had I the slightest inkling that it could accumulate and/or become permanent I would never have dropped the warm ups and warm downs. I was not thumbing my nose at an accepted practice and now, of course, I see its true value.

As I noted in my last post, hot wraps may not be the right thing at this time. I agree that it may cause more blood to accumulate in the discoloured area and that is why I suggested to Larry that flushing the area with fresh blood and then forcing it out again repeatedly by alternating with cold and hot packs might work a little better.

Why haven’t I gone to the doctor?

Firstly, I wanted to give it a chance of clearing up on its own and it slowly is improving. I find that keeping it erect actually helps it somehow. I forced myself to relax by accepting the situation and realizing that as long as I didn’t jelq it would not get any worse. The result was an awesome erection this last Saturday which I put to use for some overdue and prolonged action with my girl.
It is almost 4 weeks since I stopped jelqing and I am missing it because I had started doing it correctly in the months preceding the onset of the discolouration. Well since it is slowly clearing up I will wait it out and then everyone will have a time frame for recovery with respect to discolouration clearing up. Larry, you said that it took you about 2 ½ months for it to almost totally clear up and so I am hopeful that it will work for me in that time frame.

Secondly, when the ED first appeared, as a result of kegeling and jelqing too much, I approached my doctor and he refused to send me to a Urologist. It is quite difficult to access the services of a specialist where I live. As a result I went to other doctors and was confronted by the same response. I guess they expect me to be doubled over and crying before they will admit something is broken or damaged. Go figure…

Modemmer and hobby,

thanks for mentioning the hydroquinone. It sounds interesting but I wonder what the side effects are. I have found that almost everything has side effects. I also wonder if it will have a lasting effect. If the discolouration does not go away on its own, in time, I might give it a try. Modemmer, too bad you haven’t stopped your routine long enough to see if it will fully reverse the discolouration. On the other hand I imagine you must be realizing some great gains to continue going on.

I have a feeling that by the time this thread is done we will know all we need to about discolouration. As always, if I missed addressing a point or two just let me know.

BTW, still gnawing at the back of my mind is the question of whether dry jelqs have played a role here? Is lubrication as important as warm ups/downs?

Take it easy,


jelqs, discoloration, and torso

I have never done dry jelqs but I do think they would cause more discoloration. The condition that modemmer spoke of was due to inflamation of the skin, dry jelqing would certainly cause more of that. But I have never dry jelqed. My discoloration only started to happen once I started the sqeezes. I did about 200 jelqs always with good lube in my routine and never had any discoloration. Maybe I wasnt doing it long enough. Before when I spoke about my discoloration going away, I did not wait to see if it would competely heal. I waited and saw that it healed enough that you really couldnt tell. Torso I think that the best way to heal is how your are doing it, just taking it easy. I do think erection help the process, but to much errections caused by masterbation may resemble PE to much. Just dont think about it so much, obiosly your girl still likes it. I think your erectional disfunction was all a mental thing. Just relax and I think you will be ok.


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