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Help - Tear in my frenulum


Help - Tear in my frenulum

I probably got that dam tear in my frenulum from vac-hanging 3x/day 30 min ea. At 17”.

Now the tear is about in the middle of the frenulum, just about 1 mm deep. My gf noted that the rest of the frenulum has thickened and hardened a little, just like a scar.

The tear hinders any pe-efforts. In order to heal it should probably also hinder sexual activities but I can’t refrain. I was once able to refrain from sex for almost a week and it had apparently healed, but as soon as I resumed sexual and pe activities it teared again.

I read about frenulotomy, frenuloplasty as well as stretching and massaging with corticosteroid creams.

Any advise? (Please). (And yes - I made a search, both google and thundersplace. But I need some more input to make up my mind. I don’t like the idea of a dick operation very much)

Thank you.

Later - ttt

I talked to my urologist - she said hast to be done (frenulotomy). I said: I am afraid, you know how men are concerned when it comes to operate their dick. She answered - so dam cool: don’t worry - you know that I am the erection princess’. She is specialized in erectile dysfunction and so hot - had I ed my problem would be solved as soon as I entered her practice. 2 weeks no sex. Chances: better than 90%.

Dermatologist confirmed that chances are low with creams (corticosteroid-antibiotic mixture. 3-4 weeks no sex. Chances 50-60 %.

I’ll go have the frenulotomy done.

Wish me luck.

Later - ttt

Good luck doc!! Get well soon!

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Originally Posted by Thatcat
Good luck doc!! Get well soon!

Good luck. Check out a thread by ahund. He had the surgery done a couple of years ago.

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Thanks guys.

ThunderSS - no risk regarding erection right after the surgery. She told me that I’ll get a ‘penile nerve block’ which is a local anesthetic that knocks your dick down totally for about an hour. Quite unpleasant idea.

Peforeal - thanks for the reading suggestion.

Later - ttt

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.

Last chance for some input to avoid the cut - I would really appreciate any input.

Later - ttt

If I were in your shoes, I’d ask the doc for something to help in avoiding erection for at least three days.

If that’s not possible, try to keep a bucket of cold water next to your bed when you’re sleeping. That way, if you get an unwanted erection you put one foot inside the cold water and watch your dick go down. That trick really helped a friend of mine after he was circumcised. Otherwise, nightly erections might be rather painful.

Kojak - very “cool” trick - thanks.

If it shouldn’t work I can still put my dick in the buckett :)

Later - ttt

Thanks again peforeal - in ahund’s thread there is also a suggestion by mbuc to search for ‘frenulum breve’.

Lots of suggestions in these threads to, and how to, avoid the knife.

I am now pretty exactly 24 hours ahead of the cut and I am getting increasingly worried. For example - I would never consider pe-surgery - I am stretching my dick instead to the desired length. Why not do the same think with the frenulum?

Btw - since I am 49 and never had a frenulum problem before (although I like it rough) I am inclined to consider my condition as an indirect proof that pe actually works. The dick has grown while the frenulum remained as long as before. So I started out with a ‘normal’ frenulum but for my new dick it became what is termed a ‘frenulum breve’. So :) although it sucks.

Later - ttt

Good luck with the surgery ttt. I would have tried a butterfly suture over the tear, then a condom on top of that for sex. I had an adult circumcision 20 years ago, and they gave me a ‘cold spray’ to spray on my penis in case of nocturnal erections. Unfortunately I got to rather like it and it had the reverse effect!

Teared my frenulum when I was 25 or so during a rough anal sex session. Didnt heal for weeks, say it healed a bit and teared again and over and over again. Very unpleasant. That was 20 years ago and I didnt even think about going to the doctor then….
…analyzed the problem and came to the conclusion that this will never heal so the way to go is to make it final. So I teared it apart completely. With my own hands, first a rock hard erection and then one hand on the glans and the other doing a REALLY hard and sudden pull. Oh the agony! But three days later it was fine, it was healed and I was happy humping again. ERections are no issue after this, doesnt hurt - no more tension, no pain. Neverheless I wouldnt recommend doing it this way, let the doc do it.

So count yourself lucky for the local anesthesia you´ll get and dont worry, thats nothing serious and you´ll miss nothing.

best of luck

Schabernack - you definitely are a tough man - old school I would say.

The anesthesia will certainly help - but - contrasting your technique - the frenuloplasity is a pretty smart operation which results in an elongation of the frenulum. The technique involves one cut perpendicular to the long axis of your dick. That little wound is then sutured with a few stitches parallel to the longitudinal axis resulting in an elongation of the frenulum.

It sounds great - doesn’t it? - I’m afraid nevertheless.

Firegoat - thanks. May be the bucket is the solution. May I ask why you had the circ. Done and whether you had regrets later? (I’m asking because the circ. Is the maximal variant for my condition).

Later - ttt

I had the circ. done because of a mild phimosis (self-induced damage in my case). Absolutely no regrets at all. I was happy with a foreskin but actually think I’m happier without.

I decided not to get the operation.

Instead, I am going to try the following:

Diprogenta unguent (brand name as sold in Europe). It contains 0.64 mg bethametasondipropionate and 1.67 mg gentamycine sulfate per gram of unguent).

I will follow the dermatologist’s suggestion to massage the unguent 3x/day but I will not follow his suggestion to be sexually abstinent. Instead I will have (maybe a little softer) sex with my lady as usually but refrain from heavy pe (no hanging). I will follow that treatment for one month. As soon as it looks fine I will start stretching the frenulum as I read in threads searching for ‘frenulum breve’.

If everything looks fine by then I will restart pe (hanging) and also restart the rough sex. If the damn frenulum tears again I will have it operated. My urologist said good luck with the conservative treatment. Contact me anytime if there should be any problem in the ‘holy corner’.

I will keep you posted.

Ps: I want to thank you all for your input. I was almost decided to have the operation, which was actually scheduled earlier today. Reading all the threads in here made me reconsider the whole issue.

Later - ttt

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