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Help - Tear in my frenulum


I think, I am in the exact same situation.

Here is the story:
November 2006: My frenulum tore. Not just a little bit, but the scaring way with lots of blood. It kind of let go off the upper part of the glance. Pretty scared. Iced it, rested for a small week. Really wanting sex, so might just have been a little to anxious - had sex to early. Did not tore again, but was like a wound that wouldn’t heal. The continued until the end of December.

Had a 2 month pause from sex. Think that my frenulum was healed, now attached a little lower on the shaft. I did feel that it wasn’t as strong as before.

February 2007: Sex with a new girl. This time with a condom. Frenulum tears despite of the condom. Very scary to see blood in the condom.

March 2007: Sex with the original girl that caused first tear of frenulum. Using condom. It tears again.. And standing there, I act like an idiot: I see blood in the condom, feel pain, but it is still really nice (not the pain). So keep on having sex for a while, trying to avoid painful position..

April: Thinking, this is turning in to a serious problem. Go visit my GP. He sends me to a urologist. Urologist says: Yes boy, you are a little tight there. Maybe we should make a small releasing cut. Apparently this operation is suppose to solve the problem, making a small cut in the frenulum, so it heals in a new and better form, but now attaching a little lower (keeping my foreskin, which I really like).

That’s the story. So ticktickticker, firegoat and everyone: Any new updates and new information on your status? Any recommendations?

Jilichtenberg - I read your thread - so I am updating mine.

I have not used cortisone cream anymore because it weakens the tissues nor did I undergo the operation. However, for initial therapy, a few weeks of cortisone cream might be a good idea, but then - once it looks alright - don’t forget that it’s weak - it just looks good.

I am having sex as usually, daily in general, and I am doing (what I would consider rather ‘light’) pe on a regular basis again (only pumping and clamping).

The frenulum never got really perfect - seems always on the edge of tearing again - but doesn’t so far.

My decision is now to have the little operation called frenuloplasty if it should tear again. I a afraid that this might occur as soon as I start hanging again. However - I am into girth work right now (which my gf enjoys much more than previous length gains).

Later - ttt

Frenulum has healed completely - started hanging again.

The final kick came from massaging and slightly stretching with ‘SMITH’S MENTHOLATED SALVE’ (Rosebud Perfume CO.).

I even started hanging again (with wrap, low weight (5.5 pounds), long sessions (at least 3x30 minutes, 7/7).

On the road for 8x6 again.

Later - ttt

Now - after a little more hanging the tear begins to reform. But now I’ll take a short break befor it goes really deep. I am uncut and I noticed that it heals faster when I withdraw my foreskin - it heals faster and a little crust (? Right word?) is forming and hopefully will fall off soon.

Later - ttt


Sad to hear that it came back, now with a crust. So I you thinking about getting the operation or how is it going?

No operation - it finally healed completely and 12” hanging several times a day + pe-ads + sex at will are well tolerated. Why? Really don’t know (avoiding weight excess maybe - I used to hang a lot more.

Later - ttt

Tore my frenulum a year or two ago. I did this while pumping and stretching. I have had another tear since then. I think I did this by stretching and doing Dr Lin’s balloon method (Just a note in that I found that pumping and ballooning created what seemed to be water retention expansion, irritation and pain, (Ballooning good in discovering hot and cool areas, regarding lasting longer). Around this time I also purchased the AutoExtender Vacu-hanger. With all of this I stopped my penis lengthening exercises. I did do a search around this time regarding frenulum tear and the frenuoloplasty operation. I like things simple and don’t like the thought of going the doctor’s route, doing the operation and waiting for things to heal, let alone potential problems with messing with Mother Nature. Still this is always a potential.

Being uncut I’ve had a problem with the penis extension devices. That was till I found the Vacu-hanger. I’ve messed with this the last few days and found a few things. One is that my job involves sitting for long periods. I got the Phallosan extender a few years ago and found that the silicon tube kept slipping and creating a good deal of pain, another expensive shelved item. I tried using the Vacu-hanger with the Phallosan extender that wraps around my waist. This worked okay in that the Vacu-hanger was the item that at least kept things attached. I did however find that I was developing lower back pain. The Phallosan is better suited for being inconspicuous and for walking/standing perhaps. The Vacu-hanger came with a leg band. I recall that the porn star John C. Holmes was known for his lengths due to stretching his penis using a leg band. I thought that I would try this and yes it helped with the back pain to a very good degree. Not only this, but it I found that I could keep the Vacu-hanger on for ages. I just have to get kinks out of the mechanics to be able to attach and detach in times that I need a bit of flexibility, or that I need to disconnect (like going to the toilet). It also needs elasticity included in this to keep a good tension while also being able to move.

So with the extended hours and greater pulling power of all of this, I now have the tear. I’ve decided to hell with it and just put up with the pain. It’s not so bad, more noticeable on connecting and disconnecting mainly. I’m pretty sure that I added too much weight too quickly I.e. Going straight up to a 5 kg weight. I don’t want to give in to stopping this program, especially now that I have the mechanics to make things work. They say that once a tear is there that it will always be there. It’s through great pressure on this area that the problems arise. If things get out of hand, I’ll consider the frenuoloplasty, but some how I’ll think I’ll be able to not have to do this. Not too keen on any potential loss of feeling, especially as I want to get into tantric sex which does not involve strenuous excursion on the frenulum. Why the larger penis for me? My size is considered standard and I’ve had no complaints. I just want it larger for me to feel better about myself; to not be intimidated around other people; to have more to hang on to; to feel that my female partner is getting more out of the situation; to have greater confidence. Why the hell not if you can?

PS found that the constriction sleeve that limits fluid build up broke fairly quickly. I had a swimmers cap and cut this up and just wrap this around the head of my penis. This seems to help keep the Vacu-hanger on and the cap help stops the fluid build up just as well. I mention this in that the price of replace with shipping was not attractive, especially as the constriction sleeve does not seem to be a long lasting product. Just to repeat, if you’re uncut the Vacu-hanger is the best device I’ve found. I also recommend the ‘natters of size’ DVD. Hope this helps. I’ll try and keep up with what happens with my frenulum.

Ok I didn’t read all of this but, for you guys tearing your dick during sex..

LUBE! Get some good lube people. Lube early, lube often.

Personally I am more concerned with not breaking my honeys Pussy to ever get that far with out lube. Broken pussy = no fun.


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