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Help - Tear in my frenulum

A month is not a long time to be sexually abstinent if it’s for the sake of penile health. Cuts on knuckles take ages to heal because they keep getting opened up. I’m sure the frenulum and sex is the same. Abstain and the healing will be much quicker so you can resume normal activities.

Well I wish you best of luck, but after my experience it will not work, abstinence or not doesnt matter.

Firegoat and schabernack - right now, there is no wound any longer, and it doesn’t reopen when I have (moderate) sex. The question are

1. Whether the thickened parts of the frenulum adjacent to the weak point will become smooth again and
2. Whether the thinned part will become as thick as it should be.

The first, I think will obviously work, since corticosteroids cause local atrophy (tissue shrinkage). The second is the bigger problem imo. I’ll see and report.

Something’s missing in my life right now. Seems I am missing the hanging sessions :) .

Later - ttt

Update on the nonsurgical treatment after 2 weeks:

1. Whether the thickened parts of the frenulum adjacent to the weak point will become smooth again and
2. Whether the thinned part will become as thick as it should be.

1.: almost perfect
2.: still a little irregularity and still slightly reddish. No pain during sex, even anal intercourse doesn’t hurt at all. Frenulum doesn’t look worse after sex than before. Remember that my dermatologist suggested abstinence for 3 weeks (I’d rather die :) ).
3. No pe yet (will try after 4 weeks of corticosteroid treatment), maybe try frenulum stretching for two weeks before I restart pe.

.. To be continued.

Later - ttt

tttt, I’m pleased to hear that all seems to be returning to how it should be. :) Consider taking a week off after you finish the corticosteroids before beginning frenulum stretching and PE. They do weaken/thin skin, although the amount of time you have been using them shouldn’t cause any problems.

Firegoat, - thanks for the suggestion. You are certainly right and I’ll do as you said.

Btw - is there a specific technique of frenulum stretching or would you rather do it in an intuitive way?

Later - ttt

I don’t know of any specific techniques for frenulum stretching. It’s a simple structure (relatively) connecting two points, so any technique which draws the two points apart will create a stretch. The intuitive approach is the way to go; you know your frenulum better than anyone else. Go by ‘feel’, start off gently, and good luck.

Thanks firegoat.

Unfortunately, I am getting pissed by not pe-ing all the time now. I was a hanger before, but restarting that I would tear that dam’ frenulum again. So I started pumping with very nice initial effects. I made makes on the tube an one time my dick was beyond the 19 cm mark (close to 8”). Wow! And no negative pi’s so far.

Later - ttt

Pumping is a good way to PE without excess strain on the frenulum. Good idea.

The pump is just a happy-maker. I doubt that effects will be permanent. But it may be a good conditioning for clamping which is next down the road.

Later - ttt

Clamping and pumping work in opposite ways, so I’m not convinced that pumping will condition for clamping. It may well have a synergistic effect though.

You are right. Clamping in the pump would be a hammer - but my equipment (tube and clamp) don’t fit together.

Later - ttt

Frenulum tear - conservative treatment - one month report:

Frenulum is more or less restored. No problem with sex, pumping or clamping.

Before I will restart my hanging routine I will try a little frenulum stretching to elongate it somewhat and hopefully condition the frenulum for vac-hanging.

Anyhow, the result couldn’t be any better, and I am quite happy that surgery could be avoided.

Later - ttt

I’m guessing that it is a very good idea to keep frenulum. I imagine it functions kind of like the clitoral hood does for women — when rest of skin on shaft moves it causes the most sensitive part of dick to be stimulated/force applied to too. I have read that the clitoral hood is very valuable to women for similar reason — when rest of vagina stretched, moved, etc, the clitoral hood rubs the clitoris.

Is this not a recognized benefit to keeping frenulum? What is the purpose of the frenulum otherwise?

Vkn1 - I agree with you - one of the reasons not to operate. Unfortunately, after one month of cream and visually nice result teared it again, no it’s slowly healing. The cortisone makes the tissues weaker, so when starting to have rough sex and pe again one should consider this.

Later - ttt


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