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Help! Small fluid filled bubble on glands.

Help! Small fluid filled bubble on glands.

Hi, I am fairly new to Pe, about a month or so into it. I am not doing anything out of the ordinary in my routine, for a newbie that is. My routine consits of a warm up, which is in a hot bath, overhand jelqing and stretching. It takes me all in all about 15 or so minutes to do. Anyway I have notcied that jelqing has created this small fluid fill bubble like sac on the side of the glands, about the size of peppercorn. I have also noticed another larger sac under the my glands where my foreskin attaches. These only appear when I am after jelqing and not when I am erect or semi-erect other times. I have read posts were someone was complaining of too much pressure in the glands and had to alter there jelq by squeezing them so not to allow blood flow. I started doing this because my guess is that those bubbles are from excessive pressure to the glands, which my penis is not used to. An artey wall for example will start to give and bubble out in the weakest spot when too much pressure is applied, which usually end up bursting and causing a stroke.

If anyone knows anything about these darn things any information is greatly appreciated!

I basically am trying to find out what they are, if they are permenant and how to get rid of them or avoid making them worse.

Thank you and keep up the great work!

I believe this is a build up of lymphatic fluid under the skin. It will subside within 2 days or less.

If it is more like a blister, having clear/watery look under surface of skin, it will take much longer to heal. Do NOT pop if it is a blister. This will prolong the healing process to 4-5 weeks and cause scaring.

From what youve described I do NOT believe it is a blister because these are usually generated in pumping accidents.

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It’s most likely fluid buildup, if it goes away in a few hours that’s what it is. I get them sometimes. I would just take couple of days off that start up again a little easier.

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I’ve had that before and the next day I could stand walking around with that in my pants and I popped it with a little thumbtack, Very little hole (pinch) though so the fluid can flow out.


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