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Help please.

Help please.

First off I’d like to say that I searched for similar problems like mine and couldn’t find anything. It’s very possible that I didn’t search well enough and there are threads out there that reveal information about my problem and if you know of them I’d be delighted if you could link them to me please.

So I took a 3 week break from PE from around the beginning of July to July 22nd. I started my PE again on July 23rd with the same routine I had done since the beginning.

When I first started jelqing, I guess I started at too high of an intensity and after a couple jelqs I felt a tiny sensation. About 1/3 up my shaft from my base was a weird red spot. The red spot was a hair bigger than a half cm in diameter. It had NO texture whatsoever. I ran my finger over it and it can’t be felt.

It didn’t hurt at all and I was getting back into PE after a lazy break; I was determined to get back into PE so I continued. I finished my jelqing and by the end it was pretty red but it didn’t hurt at all so I wasn’t worried. I couldn’t feel it with my finger nor could I feel pain. It had similar symptoms of those little red dots you get from jelqing or stretching sometimes; they usually go away.

This red spot was kind of weird though. When I had finished jelqing it looked like a kind of ring shape. As if there was a little area under my skin, where blood could fill it up when I jelq, and the blood fills up the area which is the shape of a ring, in which there’s a little spot in the middle of it where it doesn’t get all filled with blood. Just a reminder: even when it’s filled with blood or looks like the area underneath is filled with blood it still doesn’t hurt and I still can’t feel any texture.

So after that PE routine, later in the day, I looked at it and the spot; it was still the same size, but now it was a solid circle that was just slightly pink. It’s weird, after PEing later in the day it looks all relaxed and it’s just a (big larger than a half cm) pink spot.

The next day after it happened, it was that pink spot (just barely off color of my skin), and I did my PE ( I was determined to continue). Half way into jelqing I noticed it was that red ring again. It’s as if once the blood flow begins, the area that happens to be in a shape of a ring is allowed to fill with blood while the center of it remains that pink color.

This was on July 23rd, and it’s now August 2nd. I’ve been doing my PE since, and it hasn’t hurt nor can I feel it with my finger. All that happens is it gets red and looks like there’s blood internally in the spot, and then later when I’m done PEing it’s just a subtle pink spot again.

PLEASE if you have any idea of how I should deal with this let me know.

Thanks a bunch.

March 2006: 6.875" x 4.500" x 5.00" (BPEL x MLG x BG)

April 2007-.: 7.81" x 4.81" x 5.1" - 'And it just keeps getting bigger!'

I will have..: 8.500" x 5.750" x 6.00" My Pics My Progress


March 2006: 6.875" x 4.500" x 5.00" (BPEL x MLG x BG)

April 2007-.: 7.81" x 4.81" x 5.1" - 'And it just keeps getting bigger!'

I will have..: 8.500" x 5.750" x 6.00" My Pics My Progress

Take a break , my friend , when you injure yourself .

Do not jump right back on it the next day if you injure yourself .

Use plenty of heat , and make up, and use , some Erosets Vein Oil , or use something similar .

After taking a break , you need to ease back into things , not resume the same workout you had been doing before your break , that is a sure recipe for injury .

Start slow and easy , and build back up to where you were at before your layoff .

Good luck !


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