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HELP penis head white, no erection

Originally Posted by firegoat
You don’t say what the ‘accident’ was. And almost every time we read a post like yours the advice is the same: don’t worry, stress makes everything worse, and leave your penis alone for at least a week. It’s very rare that doesn’t sort it out,

Sorry firegoat

I will explain ( sorry about my poor English, I’m from Brazil)

I have the same issue of this guy on this tread

While I m jelquing I suddenly lost my erection.. I stopped and after this I can’t get a hard erection like before, it was happened at Thursday,
I cry a lot today, I have a girlfriend and I can’t touch her because this. I m really desperate

If it happened Thursday and you were still able to get a partial erection with your girlfriend, it is unlikely to be a serious problem. Leave it a week and if the problem is not improving at all, then go and see a doctor. I expect it will have improved noticeably by then.

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