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Help Pain under Glans And In PC Muscles

PE injury. Help Pain under Glans And In PC Muscles

Hi everyone. I’m hoping to get a little advice ane a peace of mind. I’m hoping I didnt just ruin my life.

Info/Stats: 39 year old. Newbie at PE. 3 weeks of training.

BPEL= 8.25”. Circumference = 6”
Goal= 9.00” 7”
30% curvature to the left

My main reason for trying PE is to try and straighten out a curve in it I’ve had my whole life. Already have decent size so more concentrated on straightening. But I would also love to have another 1/2 inch or so.

Brief PE history and current situation: I have experience jelqing over the years but never consistent enough to see any improvement/gains. But when I did, I did it to the point of breaking little blood vessels under the skin along the shaft, that would go away after a day or two. So 4 weeks ago, after years of contemplating, I bought a penis traction device/extender and a 9” cylinder pump in an attempt to straighten and add length/girth. After experimenting with different comfort strap options/combinations I was able to wear the extender for up to 2 hours at a time. For a total of 4 or 5 hours a day. Comfort is still an issue as I am uncut so the foreskin area gets real sore when I start to get slippage. Anyway I settled into a little routine and after a week only I was seeing great results with girth.

My routine was: 2-4 hours a day on the extender. In 1-2 hour intervals, 4 days a week. 3 days off. Then I implemented a 10 minute pump routine after stretching and sometimes before. And within a couple days I noticed incredible girth gains. Also slight jelqing before and after pumping. Maybe the 3way combo was too much. As I was seeing great gains in girth I didn’t notice any difference in the curvature. I almost thought the curve had gotten a little more significant. So as I was in my 3rd week of training, I had just finished a 2 hour extender session. I jelqed for a couple min to get the blood flowing like I always do then I threw the pump on it and pumped it up. It didn’t feel as “full” as it should’ve. Within a min after pumping it up I felt a sharp pain right up by the glans on the underside. Where the shaft meets the head. I immediately back off pressure. And waited a minute. I should’ve stopped here but didn’t. I pumped it back up for 6 or 7 min. On less pressure. The pain by the head came back but not as bad. Then I also noticed a sharp pain around the base where it feels like tendons. I figured I might’ve over did it. So I soaked it with warm water afterwards as per routine. Then the next day it just didn’t feel right. Very hard flaccid. Cold and dead feeling. Pain by tip persisted. And also a dull achy pain along both sides of the penis.. And also a tightness/soreness in my PC muscles/pelvic floor. I gave it a couple days hoping for improvement to no avail. I’ve had this cold/hard flaccid feeling many times before, usually after too much jacking off/edging but never the pain/soreness. Usually just give it a day or two and its back to normal. Feeling full and hanging heavy. But now, after this apparent over training, its been almost a week and it hasn’t improved much. I can still get an erection but it doesn’t stay hard. Most of the day its very hard flaccid and the achy pain still persists. And another huge issue for me is, the curvature seemed to have gotten worse. Which is devastating. Only way I can explain is it feels like the curved side (the scar tissue/plaque side) has gotten even harder, making the curve even worse like the pump gave me girth/expansion on the good side and left the scar tissue side the same creating an even more significant curve. So now, after getting so excited after seeing results I’m now terribly devastated. Being left with an even more curved penis that’s in pain. And doesn’t stay hard. If it even gets hard. This has been devastating because, not trying to sound funny, but my life revolves around my cock, my sex life, and pleasing my girlfriend. I’m hoping someone else has had the same experience and can tell me how they alleviated it and how long did it take. Take care everybody. And I’m not even sure if anyone will respond or if I posted in right spot. Not sure. But I am sure that this is a big enough deal to me to spend 2 hours writing this, desperately seeking help/advice.

Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this. And an even bigger thank you to anyone that has advice.. I’m sure I left something out that I was meaning to say and sorry for long post.

How are you now, guy?


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