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Help! Kegelin' Newbie Injured...


Help! Kegelin' Newbie Injured...


First of all, look at these pics.

Yes, I’ve just noticed that my dick is injured for unknown reason.

Please help me to know what’s goin’ on down there.

Note that I’ve done only daily kegeling and a small amount of soft jelqing, which are apparently less stressful than newbie routine.

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Lost Penis!!! :helpme:

What lube are you using? When do you halt each jelq stroke?

Kegels won’t cause this. Friction might but there could be something making it easier.

Do you have any further information about what you are doing with your penis?
Any history of dermatitis?

Do you have unprotected sex?
Do you have athletes foot?

There is a chance that it’s fungal, in which case if you have athletes foot you could have spread it yourself and the best treatment would be an athletes foot cream.

It doesn’t look like thrush but the picture could be deceiving.

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Here is my detail.

I’ve never suffered athlete food.
These pics were taken just after I took a shower and noticed blood leak.
Mostly I don’t use any lube for soft jelqing because it is really soft.
I haven’t masturbated for the past 10 days, only kegeling.
2 weeks ago I masturbated using fleshlight made of soft material.(with lube) which had been used 3 times for the past 2 months.
My skin of injured area has looked threshed since I started P.E.
There is a bump around the injured area and when I touch it, it hurts.
My dick has turned back to good old uncircumsized days since I started P.E. because of streched skin.
My blood vessel has become far much thicker since I started kegeling.(It looks really angry and mad when erected.)
Because I’ve had no girlfriends for the past 27 years, no sex at all in my life.

That’s all I can imagine.
Any thought?

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Lost Penis!!! :helpme:

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Use lube when you jelq.

There is a chance of a reaction to the fleshlight I supposed but it seems unlikely. More likely would be a reaction to the lube but unless you got a reaction with a day or two of using the thing, I think you can probably discount it.

So no masturbation and no jelqing for the past 10 days?

I’m still thinking friction possibly with underlying fungal infection. No sex means a fungal infection would be athlete’s foot styley.

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Anyway thank you memento for your diagnostic comment.

Yes, no masturbation but I soft jelqed today because my dick was quite vigorous today.(16.5cm BPEL)

I’ll watch out my state and report the proceeding result.

My dick might be crying with blood tear because I have no girlfriend, yes, this is a masochistic joke, please forget it.

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Lost Penis!!! :helpme:

What do you mean by soft jelqing anyway? Flaccid jelqing is pointless. If you jelq with a very low erection, you’ll encourage a baseball bat shape.

Are you going over your glans with your jelq strokes? You should stop each stroke maybe 2cm before you hit the glans.

You still haven’t answered about the athlete’s foot. If you don’t have that, consider throwing away your lube and buying a different brand.

>My dick might be crying with blood tear because I have no girlfriend, yes, this is a masochistic joke, please forget it.<


Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Oooh, I’ve never suffered athlete’s *foot*.

Anyway it doesn’t make sense that virus goes up from the bottom of foot to penis.

Can you explain this mistery?

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Lost Penis!!! :helpme:

Athletes foot fungus can be spread to any part of your body when you towel dry your feet off and then dry off the rest of your body after a shower/bath. Feet should always be the last thing you towel off. Athletes foot can be anything from slight itching to dry skin around the foot.

It is quite unlikely that my toweling convention(which seems quite o.k. in order) suddenly changed.

Is it likely to happen that weakness of skin could not cope with the internal expansion(limitation of balloon)?

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Lost Penis!!! :helpme:

Sorry for my all the upset machingun posts above.
Beleive me, I was really upset and lost myself due to that bloody injury.
Still injured, though. :(

By the way I have one more question, O.K.?
Does this injury imply growth at all?

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Lost Penis!!! :helpme:

I think your perception of light jelq is not light enough. Stop every PE for a week or two and then, if you get back to normal conditions, as I think you will, restart nice and easy. Do not overdo jelq, I mean, do five minutes of light ok grip strokes with lube and stop well before your glans and do fifty to one hundred kegels for few days. Increase a minute per day up to few 15 min. sessions a day and increase kegel as much as you want. Jelq is potentially very strong for your veins and nerves and it takes at least several months of progressive activity to train your unit before getting into strong strokes. Be aware that injures can be much worse and even make one impotent for ever.



By “light” I mean so, comparing the vid here in thunders.

But I forgot the fact that the performer is a vet.

Still injured but looks like it’s getting better.

One thing noticable is that the network of blood vessels has changed its formation.

Previous network cannot deal with my 100% full erection due to the bad placement of some vessels.

Now they changed their position and allow my dick to be 100% or more.

Could such thing happen suddenly?

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Lost Penis!!! :helpme:

The small white spots look like ulcers. The lower part of the glans looks rather swollen.

Seems to be viral infections. Here’s more information

You better see a doctor.

Thanks guys.

6 days of total resting has just cured my injured dick.

It was quite ichy, though.

Now I can masturbate!

ATM... BPEL: 0.0mm EG: 0.0mm

Lost Penis!!! :helpme:

A13n what do you think was the actual reason for your injury?

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