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Help I kind of subtly broke my dick and don't know what to do.

Help I kind of subtly broke my dick and don't know what to do.

Hello All,

Sorry, I can’t post this in the injuries forum, but am here because you guys know more about dicks than I do. I have some suspected tunica damage and could use your help. My injury is not terribly consistent with most accounts of penile fracture, so I’ll drop the details below. Thanks for your time and patience.

I went on an amphetamine-fueled masturbation marathon about five weeks ago because I’m an idiot. Honestly, I do have ADD and was taking my medication as directed. Still, I jerked off like 20+ times in 3 days. In hindsight, studying would have been time better spent. By the third day there was a vaguely sore and slightly palpable ‘spot’ developing on the bottom side of my dick, mid-shaft. This new sensation was only slightly painful, but I still jerked off with a little more loving-care a few more times. One or two days later I had an extended video masturbation session with a new girlfriend. I suffer from delayed orgasm on a good day, but the prior extreme overuse and ensuing nondescript injury, plus the stimulants made it extra hard to cum on this day. I should have given up well before an hour elapsed, but I mangled my dick for a solid three hours on this occasion because of the stimulants and a hot, nasty new girlfriend. Mostly my dick was not fully erect, which is not normal, but it didn’t hurt, so I manhandled away, getting rather more rough than usual after an hour or so in an effort to finish off. Next day my dick is swollen (not hugely so) and tender (not bruised), I am worried, ice the shit out of it, try to analyze extent of the damage, and continue to rest it for a few days. Swelling mostly subsides after one day, but dick is definitely not right—somewhat lifeless and reluctant to get hard, a bit swollen, has a strange semi-circumferential ridge/stripe just below my glans on the right CC. Feels traumatized and I know it is injured, but I have sex with it a few days later. When fully erect there was no noticeable abnormality, just some tenderness. On the second day, the tenderness is such that I stop halfway through. No crazy pain, but uncomfortable and not-right feeling. This was about a month ago and my dick still isn’t ‘right,’ so to speak. Here is my timeline for the last month: I rested for a few days, jerked off once. I rested a week, jerked off once. Rested two weeks, jerked off once. Shit still isn’t right, so my current plan is three weeks (minimum) rest with a trip to the urologist in there somewhere.

Initially, during the first week of rest after my injury, I noticed some persistent vein tightness or something at the base of my dick, odd tingling sensations in my unit and scrotum, and aching from deep within my member confirming that something is definitely not right, but I jerk off somewhere in there anyway. I jerk off as carefully as possible, but dick hurts a bit afterward. Possibly a very faint and short-lived dime-sized hematoma/blood pool thing develops on top-side of my shaft opposite my injury immediately after orgasm, but subsides rather quickly. Dick is reluctant to become fully erect while masturbating, but I manage a rock-hard engorgement just prior to ejaculation (which is likely what my dick was trying to avoid in an effort of self-preservation). The shape is mostly fine at this point (full-engorgement during ejaculation, which seems to have declined somewhat at the 2 subsequent orgasms), but dick is tighter than usual. My dick is straight, but I do notice it is angled to the right from the base and feels constricted. Urethra also feels somewhat constricted. I resolve to rest again, and continue to ice through my underwear, but give it a little frost nip and scare the shit out of myself. After icing, it is cold and lifeless and tiny. I’m afraid it is going to fall off. No more icing.

I don’t jerk off for two weeks. I have partial erections in the morning, but dick is reluctant to get fully erect. My right CC is where the problem is situated. There is a palpable kind of separation in the fibers along the vaguely noticeable aforementioned semi-circumferential ridge. Upon palpitation the ridge is actually like a sort of tributary in the fiber of my dick below the skin. I feel like this separation can be felt on both poles of the CC—so, it runs like at least 90 of the 360 around my unit on the right side. Urethra evacuates fine. On two occasions recently I’ve awoken with fairly erect and non-misshapen morning wood, but day-time erections (which are never fully erect except during the times I’ve ejaculated) are reluctant and misshapen—down and to the right, confirming I suppose an injury somewhere around the apex. I’ve read about indents, and I suppose there is a rather subtle indent around the injury.

Is this going to heal? I’ve read just about every academic paper and forum thread I can find on penile fracture / tunica damage. Everything I read seems to confirm that the urologist won’t be much help at this point, though having some kind of treatment plan might be a good thing so I don’t go doing something stupid again. I got some Man1 Oil and I’ve been applying it several times daily. My injury seems rather rare, but it seems like if I have a tunica tear and if I’m lucky it’ll heal itself in another month or so. And if I develop some fibrosis that contributes to misshapen erections, it seems even that can fix itself over time. I’m rather worried about this at the moment, though.

I plan to see a urologist within the next two weeks, but could go sooner if you tell me to. I’m a worrier and currently on my mind is a tear that won’t heal on its own or that heals with some awful PD as a result. I don’t want a crooked dick, but surgery isn’t so appealing either given that orgasms are hard enough to achieve as it is (yes, I realize this conflicts rather glaringly with my previous report of 20+ orgasms in 3 days, but I suppose I can open a new thread for that) and any resulting loss of sensitivity will be sorely missed. On the other hand, I have read at least one account of scar tissue contributing to increased sensitivity, which would be cool.

Sorry to go on and on. Thanks for reading. Oh, I don’t really PE. I have done the beginner’s routine a handful of times a year or so ago, but that’s about it. I’m 31 years old. I’m skinny, but athletic. I have bad anxiety. Anything else you’d like to know? Seriously, thanks guys.

After all of that abuse, it is hard to tell what you might have damaged. Seems to me you should have seen the Doc much sooner, so at this time, you should still go the sooner the better. Your body can heal a lot of damage and the extent of yours might just take a long time, but have the Doc give you his “hands on” opinion.

Oh yeah, and the word subtle would not be my choice after that marathon dick-a-thon that you described.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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Thanks for the input gprent. Get my broken dick to the doctor, the sooner the better advice acknowledged. If I knew what I know now, I likely would have made it to the doctor within a much more reasonable window. The reasons I didn’t make it on subsequent days are too numerous (and likely annoying to read) to list.

Poor word choice also acknowledged. Thread title-wise, I was just gonna say I broke my dick and ask for help, but while “Help, I broke my dick” covers my concern it seemed kind of misleading given that dick breaking events are generally, it seems, blow-out emergency situations with lots of pain, swelling, bruising, maybe some bleeding. My injury seems somehow more subtle than that, though I certainly agree with you that the events leading up to and immediately following it are far from subtle, are almost certainly more idiotic than the large majority of the those other, rather more pitiable, “Yup, I broke my dick and need to get the the hospital NOW” moments some guys find themselves in.


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