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Help, I chafed my raphe!


My cock loves flax oil- probably better than any of the other oils. It’s already gotten this chaphed raphe feeling better. But eating it? Yech! I used to, but now it’s very difficult to pallate. Back in the hard core loin-cloth days I used to wake up early, fill a coffee mug with sprout juice, wheatgrass juice, and flax oil and drink it right down. Talk about a buzz. Needed the oats just to come down.

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"Right now our only hope is in the hydrogen bomb." - Charles Bukowski

I made a blend of pure vitamin E oil, arnica, lavender, and jojoba that works real good for limbering up the ol’ unit. Sometimes I’ll just use the E oil, which is really thick, then add some aloe vera gel. When combined they create a nice lathery kind of lotion of pure goodness.


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