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HELP expert members. Crushed my penis with brick. (serious)


Yes, log as in cut pieces of trees.

My story? — This is embarrassing but there is no room for that emotion in this forum and perhaps my recovery methods will be helpful to others: Basically I was handling a piece of wood, lost balance and it landed in my crotch smashing my glans. It hurt like hell and bled like a pig. There was a puncture through the right side but it didn’t damage the urethra or any erectile chambers. In a few weeks it still hurt but I could start having sex … then for some reason the whole glans went numb.

In a years time I had maybe 10% feeling on the left side with none of the right (had to press a fingernail firmly into the glans to feel anything) and a Neurologist told me it would never recover. Unfortunately it turns out that I have nerve degeneration through my brain and body which contributed to this demise. Needless to say, maintaining an erection was difficult. Kegel for hours each week and use Viagra. Sex was difficult and unsatisfying but high motivation presses one on.

I had been taking the supplements kindly listed by refresh9 which helped. Last summer I stepped up quantity, quality and added some things. In doing so feeling began returning starting on the left side, then the center, then the right, and finally the corona is becoming sensitive. There was an additional problem of growing tactile sensation but not gaining erotic sensation. This resolved by using prescription medicines that boost dopamine which seemed to re-educate the brain. At this time it’s about 30-40% recovery and growing. That doesn’t sound like much but after over a year of 0-10% it’s enough to make me dance in the streets. And so much for being told there was no hope.

The items added to the list are: B12 injection 1000mcg every couple of weeks with sublingual tables 5000mcg daily in between (Note: B12 injections contain aluminum). SAM-e 400mg daily. GPC (glycerol phosphatidylcholine) 1000mg liquid daily. MSM 6000mg daily. Superoxide dismutase. Very long chain fatty acids (mustard seed oil). Every few weeks all supplementation is discontinued to washout, evaluate and then make possible adjustments. I have had to buy the supplements from licensed alternative practitioners since the retail stuff just didn’t work for me – so much for truth-in-labeling.

Monthly an old oriental master-healer spends over 2 hours giving an acccupunture treatment. Lastly, and don’t freak-out on this one, after the B12 injection, use MUSE and then put a small amount of liniment on the numb areas gently stimulating the area for an hour. And, more freaky stuff, occationally used a van Buren sound to ‘tickle’ the prostate then gently stimulate the glans with fingers – this helped to re-educate the brain.

Well hopefully this helps others though it is doubtful anyone will have this bad of an experience. It should also explain my post for any information on how the make the penis more sensitive.

I am often glad to be a grower.

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“I am often glad to be a grower”

Truer words were never spoken.

“How the fuck do you know what was effective in that list of things?”

I appreciate your concern. Without hundreds of subjects with the exact injury taking part in a double-blind study no one will ever know.

There is a simple logic here. Research everything you can about what is effective for nerve repair. I got my start rehabilitating paralyzed dogs a few years ago – who would have known I would need it for myself.

With the exception of the last couple of ‘unique’ nerve innervation methods, you should easily find the value in each item listed. There are actually quite a lot more items including phospholipids such as lecithin but I have allergy to many of them. Nerve tissue is largely fat (phospholipids) — the brain being 60% (oil is a good electrical insulator). Look up the metabolic pathways (biological chemistry) and use what will support any areas that are weak.

As for innervation, you should be able to confirm the importance of that as well. It’s part of physical therapy procedures. There just are not any procedures documented for innervating the penis. My methods were unusual but I did discuss the need in principle with doctors. Also, I got surprising improvement. Anyone here that has used MUSE can enlighten you about what it does to your penis. Also, there are sounders here that will confirm it is sexually stimulating. Lastly, with severe nerve re-growth, it feels different and the brain often needs to be retrained.

Let the reader use his own judgment and caution. But if you ever hit a brick wall (pun intended) and are told there is no hope – it’s your body and there are always possibilities and a lot of medical research is out there. Be a grower of the mind and learn.

The best advice is to avoid hurting yourself. Of coarse, nobody needs to trust me — I could just be a pre-pubescent brat searching for vicarious thrills.

Alright bros, I went to do urologist and I was surprised how busy it was. Everyone was up there (everyone had problems, lol……..there was like 5 doctors working at the same time in that area)

He just listened to my story and examined my flacid penis (it didn’t like a guy touching him)

He held on to the tip and touched the sides and said nothing was wrong or no damage but I don’t really believe him since my dick is still 20degrees to the left and swollen a bit on the right. He said I don’t have peonies disease.

He said I could use it asap and that night I came about 5 timess and tired it out :)

Its been 10.5 days and now the black bruises have gone away but it still doesn’t look normal. Hopeful future complications do not arise.

I’m really fortunate:)

Good to hear the urologist had a grope and fondle :p

Comforting to know there’s nothing wrong although I would go a little easy on PE for the next couple of months just to be on the safe side.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Glad that your unit is ok. What’s a ‘peonies disease’? A disease who hits mexican penises?

n. pl. pe·o·nies
Any of various garden plants of the genus Paeonia, having large, variously colored flowers with numerous stamens and several pistils.

I’m glad your unit is OK too!

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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lol ok guys jokes on me.

Yeah I had given up on PE last year when I did not get any results in a few months and was planning on doing it again in January but think due to the injury I should wait at least one month.

My dick still looks uneven and I am trying to remember if it was like that before or if it is due to the injury.


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