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Help. ED after a session of bathmate and light jelqing

Help. ED after a session of bathmate and light jelqing

I need some help people.

What happened was after one or 2 weeks of using bathmate, I decided to venture forward and try entering erect. The feeling was very intense and I really feel the stretch at the base. After using for about 9 mins at full pressure(I.e no water can be pumped out anymore), it felt too intense for me so I decided to stop. Following which I did light jelqing for about 60-70 counts/reps.

However the next day, I felt alot of discomfort at the base of the penis which I think is soreness due to the stretching. It was then I realise I am having problems getting erect. I am not feeling my penis and the soreness or slight pain at the base of the penis has been there for 4 days already. I am currently resting my penis and hoping for it to recover but I am afraid I sustained some nerve damage from the session. I do attain morning woods which last for a short while, along with the soreness/pain at the base of the penis. Other than that, I cannot get any erection going on.

Can anyone help?

Rest for a week and don’t try to get an erection, just focus on something else. When you’ll be healed, forget the bathmate for 6 months and just do manual exercises without overdoing.

I am trying but its hard not to worry. The device is supposed to be safe and I only used it for less than 10 mins in that session. I am really afraid the damage is permanent.

You can do the tape test (tape your dick when it’s loose when going to sleep and see if it’s broken by erection at morning) but you said you did have morning wood for a short period of time so I think there’s nothing to worry, doesn’t seem to be a physical problem. I think you may be just stressing out greatly about getting it up and that’s why it doesn’t work. I mean even if you have the X30 or X40 which have more pressure, 15 minutes should still be very very safe.

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As marinera suggests, you need to rest.

Try to not add a mental aspect to your ED. This can be hard because you’ve experienced something very worrying. What you’ve described doesn’t sound much like what we would call nerve damage around here i.e. though you may have damaged some mechanoreceptors, you do that in normal life and often think little of it.

Water based pumping is a lot less forgiving than air based pumping. I guess you’ve discovered that the hard way. +1 for throwing away the bathmate and going the manual route. There’s no better equipment for PE than your hands.

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There isn’t any case that I know of permanent damage due to pumping, either with water or air. It’s very very unlikly that you’ll be the first case. So said. have you ever read around the advices of vets? We consume our throaths advicing against too hig pressure and to not using pumps if you don’t have some experience of PE.

Yes I am relatively new to PE. But it was advertised that the bathmate pressure is pretty safe and I did read up on how to use it. So I been using it progressively from entering flaccid for short session of 5-6 mins before entering erect.

Now you know better. Relax and things will start going better in a matter of days.

Hopefully.if it does not sound like possible permanent/long term damage, I can lessen the worry a bit. But not feeling my penis and ED is scary.

If you did in fact have a FULL boner at morning it’s not a physical problem, even if it was for a short time

Same thing today. My penis feels cold. Poor blood flow?

I was under the assumption that you should never use more vacuum than it takes to achieve a full erection. At least that is what the warning label printed on the box of my newest pump says. In my case, I always need more vacuum because I have a pretty big piece of meat that takes a lot of blood to fill that sucker up! I have to continue increasing the vacuum to get a full-on (would be) erection which won’t happen so I keep pumping till I’ve had enough. I can’t get it hard enough to start with but if I could I would not try to pump up my already hard cock just because of the warning.

I would not do it if I were you either. Maybe, try starting flaccid and go less vacuum.

I would think that the BM would help for cold penis, which I have most of the year (8-10 months) and it is not very pleasant! Have you tried using very hot water? I bet that will help get the blood flowing.

I would like to try one and find out.

It seems there have been a lot of complaints of injuries from Bath mate pumps I would like to find out why but they are too much money for me.

My current dimensions: flaccid: 8" x 6.5" erect: 9.5" x 7.125" glans: soft length:1.825" soft diameter 1.65" firm length:2.286" firm diameter:1.90"

Goal: flaccid: 9" x 7" (.1" length .5" girth) erect: 10" x 8" ( .5" length 1" girth) glans: soft length: 2.25" soft diameter: 2" firm length: 2.5" firm diameter: 2.25"

Ultimate goal: flaccid: 10" x 8" erect: 11.5" x 9.75" glans: soft length: 2.5" soft diameter: 2.25" firm length: 4" firm diameter: 3" In other words: A big, fat elephant cock!

Gotten much better already. ED’s gone. Thx for the encouragement. Helps a lot in relieving anxiety.

I guessed I was not yet ready for the erected entry. Was using it while showering with warm water by the way

Glad to hear it you’re okay. You really have to take smooth steps in working towards higher levels, just like in the gym you don’t just go in and put 800 lbs on a machine and ram it

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

Pictures: Dude151 Pictures

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