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Help. Bathmate has made my glands unsensitive

Help. Bathmate has made my glands unsensitive

I was using the bathmate x30 for the first time a month ago and followed the beginners routine in the GoodLookingLosers website. I started off with no erection for the first two weeks, first week for 5 min and second week for 8 min with 5 min towel warmup. I then went up to 70% erection for 8-10 min for a week and then tried full erection for two days for 12 min. After the second day I felt my penis very flaccid and lacking sensitivity specially in the glands. I am uncircumcised and am used to having sensation on my glands.

My biggest concern is have I done irreversible damage to my penis? And how the hell do I regain my sensitivity in my glands?? PLEASE HELP ME, I am very worried about this.

Hi afr1208,

How long has it been since you last used the bathmate? What have you been doing since?

The bathmate has no pressure gauge, so it’s easy to overdo it but the mechanics of pumping don’t lend themselves to easily damaging nerves directly. The most obvious reason would be that you have caused some lymph fluid to move to an area of your penis where it’s impinging the nerve earlier in it’s path, effectively a swelling. Hopefully you’ve not disrupted things in such a way as to deny sustenance to particular cells for extended periods, so you have to wait for the lymph to dissipate aiding it with massage or light jelqing and hot and cold packs.

Obviously don’t pump. Rather than relying on the above, consider seeking a medical opinion from someone with access to your dick. The sooner the better. Tell the doctor what you’ve done (don’t try to make up something you think might be equivalent) so that he/she can understand the cause.

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Thank you for the response. So I’ve completely stopped using the bathmate for a week now, but have had sex 2-3 times during the same week that I have stopped using it. It took me a little more effort to get me erect but I did achieve a full erection, for the majority of the sex. The only thing that felt different was my penis. It felt as if the glands and upper shaft had no sensitivity. I would lose my erection during sex sometimes due to the lack of sensation that I am used to. I AM UNCIRCUMCISED and used to my penis being stimulated easily.

I want to know if this is just lymph fluid or if I have damaged my penis and nerves. I am currently warming up my penis for 5min a day, massaging my penis, and then applying coconut to my penis. Once again this was my first month with the bathmate x30 and this started to occur after my second day with a full erection pump. Once again, thanks for the replies and help.

Take some time off. Like Memento said it”a unlikely the issue is permanent. If this is improving in the next few days, please see a doctor.

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Thank you for the responses Memento and Titleist, should I seek medical attention even if it improves in the next week?

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