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Head Pain

Head Pain

Well last night, i wasn’t happy with the girth just before the head.

So i tried a typical horse type move, but with my lower hand already half up the shaft, causing much more tension in the top area.

Affter a few moments of squeezing the head, the left side had a small sharp pain, so i let go, and lost erection.

I can occasionally feel a dull ache around that area in my head, sometimes touching my penis can cause the pain to increase slightly. but there’s no ‘deffinite’ spot to touch to start that, it’s kind of random.

There isn’t any numb feelings, i still have sensitivity, last night i tried for an erection, and was a little more difficult, but was working fine.

Today erections are much more difficult only weighing around 60%

I’m going to take a few days to rest, but i thought id post on here, to warn you guys of (a) don’t think you have a super dick, it can get hurt =]
And (b) if anybodys ever had the same senation? or could give any advice on my problem


Alright!, i know not many will take much interest in this thread, i can’t help you gain 5”s in 1hour with this news, but

If anyone happens to read this, and was dumb enough to hurt them selves like i did, and have similar pains..

Today, affter just short of 2days of it happening, with a few random hot soaks throughout the day, and occasional massaging, it’s starting to feel better. And my erections are just about normal again

<deep sigh of relief>

I’m greatful this has happend, and i survived, i will now, be slightly more careful,

-Though i AM getting some long awaited girth gains, july03, ill post on my progress report =]

Glad to hear that your injury healed……

A dick is a terrible thing to waste…..


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