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Has anyone had this problem...

Has anyone had this problem...

Annoying little thing really (the problem that is). Had a small transverse nick (about 2 - 3mm) on the top of my dick. Probably got caught in a cable clamp or something.

Anyway, I let it heal for a few days and visibly seemed OK but after hanging 1 set, it opened up again and bled.

So I’ve let it heal for around 3 weeks now - with no hanging - and it seemed to be fine. Anyway, tried to hang on the weekend and after 1 set, it opened up again and bled …damned annoying to say the least.

So at the moment I can’t do any hanging as I know it’ll open up again.

Anybody ever experience this?

Don’t all answer at once!

Just to let you know someone is watching: No, I have never had that problem. I guess make sure your equipment isn’t causing the problem, but you have probably already done that.

Nope.. I’d just stop hanging for a month or so. Maybe 2 to be safe.

Who knows, you’ll probably have a nice growth spurt when you return.

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