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Has anyone ever suffered from prostatitis?

Has anyone ever suffered from prostatitis?

Thanks in advance.

I think I possibly could currently have it, since what I’ve assumed is a jelqing injury has lasted for so long.

Prostatits is a tricky thing - can be abacterial or bacterial, and when it’s chronic, there’s really no ‘cure’. In fact, among urology there is still controversy as to what it even really is and what might cause it besides bacteria.
I myself need to go get a urine and semen test done to check for any bacteria.

What are your symptoms?

Unfortunately I suffer from more than one year, are much improved from the beginning, but I can not do PE.

The symptoms are many and all of a prostatitis, are awaiting analysis of sperm.

I have it too. More than 2 years. Seems like it won’t go away. Have to live with that, and not to sit on the cold stones. Why can’t you do PE?

You can do PE?

I have just found out that my symptoms are actually related to prostatitis, but my symptoms only arise if I masturbate way too much. Also, I have anxiety so I ‘tense up’ which causes my involuntary kegels during my daily activities, I am trying to control that.

Should I still continue jelqing? I have resumed jelqing this week. I won’t be masturbating as much since my perineum area starts to hurt after I ejaculate more than 10x a week.

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Originally Posted by BobDaKing

Should I still continue jelqing? I have resumed jelqing this week. I won’t be masturbating as much since my perineum area starts to hurt after I ejaculate more than 10x a week.

My answer is easy, but only because it is based off of my own unique experience. For me, I found that jelqing gave me symptoms very similar to prostatits, only with the added irk of not being able to fuck without horrid, weird pains. For my skinny, non-durable dick, jelqing was simply unhealthy for my nerves. I’m on a LONG hiatus from any form of PE until the symptoms completely clear up. They have significantly improved (I originally feared they would never improve). The jelq is not my friend, but it is a friend to many others. It is up to you to decide if what you have is definitely prostatitis, or rather an underlying injury presenting itself in the form of pain. Mine was most definitely caused by the jelq (my pains began during a jelqing session one day).

The ride has not been fun, but now at least I know to avoid the jelq (again, many people will swear by the jelq. But for me as an individual, it was not healthy for my cawk).

Glad to hear your symptoms are better now! Yea my symptoms are very similar to non bacterial prostatitis. I’m not sure if I should be jelqing as I haven’t masturbated all week ( due to this I didn’t get any prostatitis pain) then today I decide to jelq then I masturbated due to already being aroused, my pain came back shortly after the ejaculation, jelqing turns me on.

Should I try to only jelq and not masturbate? Or avoid them both completely for my prostate to heal.

(Jan/14) BPEL: 6.0 in.| EG: 5.25 in.

I had a very severe case of prostatitis in 1988. I was on antibiotics for months. The pain in my lower abdomen and the region between my anus and ball sac was very severe. I was under the care of an urologist for a long time. It finally cleared up, and I was able to resume sexual activity after about six months.

The whole thing flared up again in 2002. This time the urologist went in and took biopsy samples for cancer screening. I was experiencing terrible pain at times as well as urine retention. I remember one time it was necessary to catheterize me. There was 850 cc of urine drained from my bladder. That in itself caused much pain from distension of the bladder. This pain persisted for several hours, diminishing as the time passed.

Four of my friends also went for cancer of the prostate screening about time same time. It turned out that I was the only one who received a negative report. However, it was suggested that I have a procedure called TURP (trans-urethral resection of the prostate) done. I was in the hospital for four days after that procedure.

That procedure was done in March of 2003. It was suggested that I refrain from any form of sex until cleared by the urologist. That did not happen until August of that year. That was a very long, dry spell for me as I was use to having sex nearly every day.

I do remember that at that time I was a bit apprehensive about climaxing. I anticipated the possibility of painful contractions when I finally climaxed. This never materialized, however.

I was told going into the surgery that I might end up incontinent, having severe ED or that I would experience retrograde ejaculations. None of these situations ever materialized, however.

I have never had the return of the severe pain experienced with the prostatitis since then. I am so very glad that I had the TURP done.


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I also have had one severe episode which came on quite suddenly. A digital prostate exam revealed a very enlarged and swollen prostate. I gave a urine sample and blood sample there and then.

The urine sample came back negative in terms of cultures and the blood test only revealed elevated levels of PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen).

My doctor prescribed strong antibiotics for a month - the pain eased up after about five days and within two weeks I was feeling well.

This all happened several months ago and I haven’t experienced any symptoms since. I would ensure you’re eating and drinking well, getting lots of quality sleep and under the watchful eye of a good doctor.

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