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hard vein

hard vein

I have this pecular vein, that is very hard and somewhat painful, It is about the size of a finger nail. I’ve had it for about a week or two now. Any thought on what this might be? I’m pretty sure its from doing 440 horses.

I just want it to go down a little bit so I can continue PE. God I hope this isn’t a permanent thing. Anyone else expirenced this?

Sounds like you have thrombosed a vein..

It is not permanent and will go away…

Stop peing for a week or two - until it becomes soft again, then give yourself an extra week just to be sure.

Hot wraps, ibuprofen and aspirin and some massaging may help, but again the first thing you want to do is STOP peing until it goes away…

See Ya,


Thanks Big J, you just gave me a huge sense of relieve. I thought that I might of needed surgery or something to remove it. Damn that would of embarrasing enough just going to a urologist. Man I feel better all ready thanks man.

No problem...

Good to know I can save you the visit to the doctor’s I had to do…

He actually sniggered as he told me he’d never seen a thrombus there before. Wise-ass.

Anyway, hang in there and it’ll be gone in a few weeks…

See Ya,


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