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hard spot

hard spot

I have a little hard spot a little below the head of my penis. It looks to be a small blood vessel and is only hard (noticably pushing out) when I am erect. Should I be worried about it? It doesn’t hurt or anything…

I have had something similar for some time now. It is vein like in that it is like a “chord”. It is more prominent on one side but traces the coronal ridge behind the head toward the other side. It feels something what people call “gristle” in English. It became much more pronounced recently when I did a lot of jelquing. For a while it dod have a strange feeling, not painful itself but I think it was rubbing the surrounding tissue/nerves. It has gone down a little, but I believe it is there to stay now. If anyone else has had something similar or has ideas as to what this may be, please post. I at first though thrombosed vein, but why would it be so long and hard feeling for so long?

Sorry that I had no answers and only brought up more questions.

Do you mean by ‘It looks to be a small blood vessel’ that it is red in color? or does it look lighter than skin color? Do you have any discoloration around it?

It may well be that you have exacerbated a weak point in a vessel and what you have is a little clot.

Keep an eye on it. If there is no pain that is potentialy a good sign. If it gets worse take a break.

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