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Hard Flaccid Faith Based Claims


Hard Flaccid Faith Based Claims

I’ve said before that I don’t and never for even one second have had hard flaccid. I have erectile dysfunction and a loss of sexual sensation, which in the beginning I was absolutely crushed and terrified over. Despite how awful my mental state was in the beginning concerning my penis, I never had hard flaccid. Also, there are so many guys who read the injury forums and get scared reading about hard flaccid, and worry that they might get it, but never get it. For the ones who do it happens after milking their penis, stretching their penis, masturbating too hard, etc.

A few people say that many people just get it randomly, but where are the thousands of posts about people just getting it randomly? A few people say that they have talked to many who have recovered, but where are the thousands of posts of all of these people? So what is more credible- what a few people keep saying over and over, (and have been saying for like 6 years), or thousands of posts, by thousands of people all over the world?

There are a few punch lines, debate tactics, fluff- whatever you want to call it, stuff with no substance, that these people try to use to basically bully others into not questioning them or asking questions, so we need to identify what they are doing so people don’t have to feel pressured by it.

If you think about it, a lot of what they say is strikingly similar to the strategies that are used by various religious institutions, and what they really have is a religion, a cult, that ignores evidence. Fear and uncertainty are the perfect ingredients for people to turn to blind faith. Look at the black plague in Europe. People ran through the streets whipping themselves to atone for their sins, hoping god would have mercy. They rounded up and burned groups of jewish people, hoping it would appease god. Naturally some people who survived thought that it was because they not only prayed enough but truly believed in god in their hearts, where those died may have prayed, but didn’t truly believe strongly enough in their hearts.

With this cancerous hard flaccid coping religion that we’ve been stuck with for like six years, it’s the same. The ones who recovered relaxed deeply enough in their subconscious, and those didn’t recover, but may have appeared to have moved on with their lives, didn’t relax deeply enough in their subconscious. And if it’s so impossible to fully relax deeply in their subconscious, how does anyone actually ever really do it? Some of the people who did recover after a short time weren’t even that relaxed- they were trying to be positive but clearly they still had concerns about hard flaccid, so how did they recover?

Now we get into the ridiculous counter arguments. First, because I’m mocking how obviously silly it is, it proves that I’m not open minded. If someone told you go join ISIS, would you be open minded? If a used car salesman was BSing you, would you be open minded? Being open minded is great, but be open minded about evidence, about critical thinking, about logic. You don’t have to be open minded to every snake oil salesman that comes knocking or every person in an airport handing out a pamphlet about some religion.

Next is that if you get angry or show emotion, it proves that you are emotional, you are aren’t rational. Guys this is dumb as all hell. If an ISIS member was trying to brainwash vulnerable people into leaving their country and joining ISIS, would you get emotional or angry? If a sleazy lawyer was trying to scam a friend or loved one, would you get emotional or angry? When someone calls you and bothers you trying to sell you something, do you ever get angry? Do you know who doesn’t show genuine human emotion? The con men- because they are acting, they are scheming, they are trying to appear calm and rational. The oldest trick in the book is to try to paint opponents as unhinged and crazy- don’t fall for it.

Then there’s the argument that they used to be just like us. So what? People convert from one religion to another all of the time, one political party to another all of the time, change beliefs about all kinds of things all of the time. Just saying that they used to be like us, then they changed their minds isn’t actually evidence.

Then there’s the argument that because I spent the time putting together facts, evidence and logic to make this post, it proves that I’m argumentative and I’m not listening. Again, really silly. This post consists of facts, evidence and logic. If taking the time to actually use your head and think about facts means that you are somehow wrong, then it shows you how lost and confused these people are. And there’s nothing wrong ‘arguing’ especially when there are differences of opinion. That’s what democracy is about, constructive debate, sharing evidence, challenging each other, ‘arguing.’ Would you rather that or just listen to an authority figure without question?

Last is that people will sometimes judge a post based on how they feel about the poster’s personality. Whether you like me or not, I hope you’ll focus on the evidence that I’ve laid out in this post. And I hope that we continue ‘arguing’ AKA thinking, challenging each other, considering facts and evidence, until we cut through all of the intimidation, silencing tactics, house of card arguments that are designed to make people scared and ashamed to question stuff that should have been laughed off the forums a long time ago.

So I invite anyone, let’s debate facts and evidence until we all are forced to the end game- truth.

Some new faith based claims have cropped up so I’m going to address them. There is a young man out there who has had hard flaccid for a long time. When the false prophet (we’ll call him), who made a ton of money, with his 99% failure rate hard flaccid coping religion book, first showed up on the forums like 6 years ago, he made this young man feel a lot better about himself. Like many cult leaders, he had charisma. His posts were funny, confident, well written. They just made people feel better, even if what he was actually saying didn’t always gel. In the above post I talked about how people will sometimes disagree with a post because they don’t like the poster’s personality. The reverse is also true.

So this young man, who never really had a lot of friends, and now had hard flaccid on top of it, suddenly felt like someone cared about him in a tough situation. Someone made him feel better. He bought the book, joined the forum, felt a sense of belonging.

There are few real hard flaccid recovery stories, one being from the author of the book, who actually found a big knot in their pelvic floor and showed instant, very dramatic results from pelvic floor therapy, recovering all the way for good. And when I say a few, I mean like 2 or 3. That’s it. But the author of the book felt like he had hit the gold mine (understandably) so he wrote his book, but once his methods failed for 99% percent of people, he started back peddling, rationalizing, making all kinds of excuses, and finally, he skipped town. He’s gone. He kept the profits though.

So now this young man, who never really had that many friends, and then got hard flaccid, was basically alone again. His false prophet had left him. But he couldn’t let it go. Now he is like a lost puppy dog. He wanders around injury forums spouting his false prophet’s 99% failure rate teachings, unable to let go.

The new story is that he recovered for four months when he completely stopped thinking about his hard flaccid, but then started thinking about it again, and it came back again. The fact is, he doesn’t know why he recovered for four months. He may have a physical injury that was healed, remained healed for four months, and then got re-damaged, and naturally, when it was better, he was going to feel better (but be worried it could come back) and when it finally did come back, blame it on the worry. There was a post where a guy said after his hard flaccid had gone away for two years, it came back right after masturbating (an injury that had healed, and then got re-damaged).

So the fact is that this young man doesn’t know why he was better for four months. People constantly go through phases of feeling better, feeling worse, and if they happen to heal, they can always find a way to associate it with how they felt. If it doesn’t quite fit, well then the positive feelings must have been building over time, or the negative feelings must have been building over time, and conveniently only manifested at the exact moment that there was a change in the injury.

And just because they ‘discussed’ large flaccid doesn’t mean that they had any idea what they were talking about. Many things have been discussed for many years by many people, which means nothing.

Religion, cult, prophet, black plague? Now how exactly does all that relate to PE and injuries? There’s some magical hidden group that are manipulating guys for what end?

Those questions are answered in my above two posts.

Who is “they”? Who is “the prophet”? Who is conning anyone? Where do you see conspiracy?

Here- “the false prophet (we’ll call him), who made a ton of money, with his 99% failure rate hard flaccid coping religion book”

Well does he have a name? And he wrote a book; does that have a name? And he made tons of money and you know that how? Nobody makes a ton of money doing anything regarding PE; no one.

I think people can infer. And we don’t know how much money he made, but the since shut down ‘Official Hard Flaccid Recovery Thread’ alone, as of right now, has 714,695 views, and he was selling his ebook for what like 20 dollars?

I think he started out with good intentions, but then got arrogant after he happened to be one of the very few lucky people who only did have a significant pelvic floor ‘knot’ cured through physical therapy (which he had gotten after taking saw palmetto). Not saying he was really a bad guy or anything, but it’s time to move on.

I really hate to “infer” anything. What exactly is the point here? 300 sentences already and I still have no idea what you’re talking about.

You are just asking silly questions and now insults to try and distract from detailed info that I put up in the beginning of the thread, people can read the posts and make their own judgements. If anyone has a specific issue that they want to bring up I’ll be happy to discuss it.

One other thing for now, I want to share two other strategies you can use if you are trying to talk about your injury on, for example, a profit orientated forum, and are being harassed with some of the vague, debate tactic nonsense.

First, brain scans. We hear a lot about getting a diagnoses for the injury, but if it’s due to deep subconscious anxiety, where are the brain scans, the medical tests, to show it?

Second, making the safety information better to inform people that a very minor injury can in fact super easily turn into a severe, lifelong sexual problem simply because deeply in your subconscious, that you aren’t even aware of, you remember getting injured. At that point, it’s as good as a permanent injury. So why not make the safety info better to let people know that this can happen??

So remember this is just stuff if you are on say, a profit orientated forum and are being harassed. I’ll emphasize again that I feel like thundersplace is a great place for PE and I’m not against PE overall. Good luck guys.

Brain scans do not show anxiety. Do you really think the amygdala is going to somehow light up on a brain scan to say it’s anxious? Who the hell would even pay for a brain scan for a penis injury? Insurance? Really?

It’s like you say when a person can’t get their penis injury diagnosed- medical technology is really incredible and can do amazing things, and doctors save people’s lives from cancer. A lot of people have anxiety, why don’t they all exhibit the symptoms that typically appear after an injury? Brain scans can actually do a lot nowadays, but you guys aren’t talking about just regular anxiety, you are talking about a deep, mental issue that the sufferer can’t actually feel, but yet is strong enough that it causes debilitating, lifelong sexual side effects. With how amazing you said medical technology is these days, they can’t even do a brain scan for something as powerful as that? In the end though, if they can’t diagnose it with a test, then… I guess it didn’t happen… right? We may just have to look at the totality of the evidence, and you did use the term penis injury, so maybe we’re on the right track.

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What is regular anxiety? There are thousands of types of anxiety; there is no just plain old anxiety. Now how would a brain scan of the amygdala tell a practitioner what type of anxiety is was? It doesn’t really speak English does it? So if the amygdala were to light up in some magic way to show a doc that it is suffering from anxiety how would one be able to tell what TYPES it was? Totally unrealistic!!!!!

For the purposes of injuries, we are talking about the type of anxiety that the person can’t feel at all, but is powerful enough to cause debilitating, lifelong sexual issues (which begs the question, how is it even classified as anxiety if it doesn’t feel like anxiety? Maybe it’s something else entirely, something say… deeper- deeper is a cool word).

Now whatever it is, it isn’t something that most people have, or most people would have those debilitating lifelong sexual issues. So with how powerful medical technology is nowadays like you said, they would only need to check for something that was very out of the ordinary.

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